At Chinese Connects we are very serious about Chinese translation

Our translators and editors are fluent in English as well as simplified and traditional Chinese, and also possess thorough industry experience.

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Small Translation Mistakes That Caused Massive Problems Part 2
Chinese Connects follows an effective process to ensure quality translations

Our translators are not simply people who are good at translating pieces of information word by word. They are educated in the industry and pick up on nuances that would otherwise be lost by inexperienced translators.

Small Translation Mistakes That Caused Massive Problems Part 2
At Chinese Connects we are a team of passionate translators

The founder spent many years working with translation companies throughout China and Taiwan as well as in the US, and has gathered a team of experienced and educated individuals to make up Chinese Connects.

Small Translation Mistakes That Caused Massive Problems Part 2
Chinese Connects offers free translations

Prospective customers are offered 100 words of translation for free.

Small Translation Mistakes That Caused Massive Problems Part 2

How Good Translation Pays for Itself

Everyone has heard funny stories about bad translations involving Chinese and English. One needn’t look any further than the streets of Beijing to find hundreds of examples of hilarious bilingual signs. They range from the obvious typo (长城宽带 / Great Wall Broadbang Network) and the simply amusing (家常菜 / Homely Style Food) ….

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The Impact of Chinese Translation

Beginning in 1953, the government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) started laying out a series of social and economic development initiatives in the form of “Five-year Plans.” From the very onset, great emphasis was placed on technology and manufacturing, launching an intensive program of industrial growth that established a firm, modern technological foundation for heavy industries such as iron and steel, coal mining, cement production, electricity generation and machine building. Read more.

Specialized Translations

The Expertise Factor

One of the surest ways to tell the difference between an expert and a layman in any field is their use of specialized language. The expert is a master of nomenclature, fluent with the signs, symbols and phrasings of a particular science, discipline or art. The layman uses common terms in discussing technical matters, betraying a lack of extensive knowledge of the subject. Read more.

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The Must-Eat Street Foods in Hong Kong

Written on October 21, 2017

There are many delicious foods in Hong Kong, thus, I selected one place to talk. Let’s pick Yuen Long, which I have been to recently. (The price mentioned below are all in Hong Kong dollar). First, let’s talk about the transportation. The food hunting road in Yuen Long that I’m going to talk about only … Read More

The Little Kenting in Fujian – The Zhenhaijiao in Zhangzhou

Written on October 14, 2017

People has been to Kenting all remember that grassland, facing the sea. It is warm and has flowers blossom. By the beach of the Dragon Sea in Zhangzhou, Fujian, there is also such a grassland. When you camp here in a sunny day, you will have the nice mood facing the sea and felling the … Read More

Xuhui Self-Guided Tours – Recommended Sites to See

Written on October 7, 2017

Xuhui is the 4A National Tourism Area and is also the first open styled metropolitan tourism area. Here has nourished the scientific culture of modern Shanghai and even China, original place of Hai Genre Culture, gathering place for culture and history, prospective business, and convenient transportation. Here, it has witnessed the past of “culture exchange … Read More

Train from Lanzhou to Chengdu is Coming

Written on October 1, 2017

The good news is coming, the residents in Chengdu will have the opportunities to eat Lanzhou noodle in 8 hours! The reporter learned from the official Wechat account of China Railway Second Bureau that 4:36 am on August 23, with the last rail successful in place at the entrance of the Humalin Tunnel, marking the … Read More

Shanghai Views – Best Views of Non Urban Areas in Shanghai

Written on September 20, 2017

Speaking of Shanghai, you will remind of colorful metropolitan views. Actually, there is fresh and natural views of lakes and mountains. If you have free time, you can come to the pretty lakes to enjoy something different. Dishui Lake Address: Nanhuizui, Pudong In the first episode of the season 1 of “Love Apartment”, many people … Read More