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Located in the western part of the city of Taipei, the Datong District is the second smallest by population, but one that still offers plenty for those seeking to get the best out of their trip to Taipei. The Datong District used to be a commercial center of the city, but this was moved to … Read More


The Zhongzheng District is often considered to be the government home of Taipei, as this is the home of many government homes and offices, including the Presidential Office and the Judicial Yuann, among many others. The district itself is named after Chiang Kai-shek, a former President of the Republic of China, and one of the … Read More

Xindian MRT Activities – Things To Do Near Xindian MRT

If you are staying in a hotel in the Xindian side of Taipei, which is now technically New Taipei City, or are simply traveling there for a weekend getaway, you will want to make sure not to miss some local sites and attractions. Xindian is known by Taiwanese for having some of the best air … Read More

Book Marriott Hotels in Taipei: Review

Marriott International are a leading hotel chain with locations around the world. They are an American company that were founded in 1927 in Maryland by J. Willard Marriott, and although they came from relatively humble beginnings, these days they have revenue of over USD 12 billion. The Marriott brand is still a family-owned one, run … Read More

Themed Hotels in Taipei: Review

Taipei operates a little differently from cities you might be used to. This is a cultural melting pot, a city that runs at a frantic pace, and one that caters for many tastes, many nationalities and many ethnicities. One of the ways in which Taipei differs from the big cities you might be used to, … Read More

Taipei Hotels with Swimming Pool Facilities

There was a time when a swimming pool at a city hotel was a rare find. A time when the only swimming pools you found were in beach resorts, with outside pools that catered for hundreds of guests. Those times have changed though and these days a swimming pool is at the top of the … Read More

Taipei Hotels with Family Rooms – Family Hotels in Taipei

If you have kids then you will understand that there is no such thing as a couple’s holiday, just as there is no such thing as a romantic holiday or even an adventure holiday. A vacation when you have kids is one that involves those kids, one where half your time is spent shouting at … Read More

Taipei Hotels with Airport Shuttle – Free Shuttle Service from Taoyuan

One of the essential parts of any holidays is getting from the airport to the hotel. As far as city breaks are concerned, this is a journey that typically takes less than an hour by car or bus, as most major city airports are located on the outskirts of the city. However, it is one … Read More

Taipei Hotels Near Airport – Taoyuan Airport Hotel Reviews

The most stressful part of any holiday is the flight. Nobody likes to go through the waiting and the checks at the airport, few people enjoy cramped air travel and after all that, when you eventually land, getting to your hotel from the airport is an exhausting finale. Airports are typically located on the outskirts … Read More

Hotels with Travel Packages in Taipei: Review

Sometimes the best hotels are not just those that look great, offer the best amenities in your room and also have a spa, a pool and a fitness center. These are great things, and the best hotels tend to have them, but service is also up there and exceptional service is a must for all … Read More