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Ikea Taipei – The Traveler’s Access to Comfort

Located conveniently at the corner of Dunhua South Rd. and Nanjing East Rd. nestled next to Starbucks and Outback Steakhouse, Ikea is a major destination for foreigners in Taiwan to stock up on bedding, lighting, kitchenware and even catch a decent priced salmon and meat ball lunch. The store is pretty standard in that it … Read More

Carrefour Taipei – What to Expect on Your Visit

Carrefour in Taipei for lack of a better way for describing it is kind of like the Target and Wal-Mart of Taiwan. Originating from France, Carrefour is pronounced “Car 4” even though many people pronounce it like “Care 4” and has 76 locations spread across Taiwan, with 10 in Taipei City and 17 in New … Read More

French Toast Taipei – Succulent Breakfast Choices in Taipei City

A lot of people wonder where they can get French toast in Taipei, and more importantly, which restaurants serve it up the best. For us, two main restaurants come to mind. The Diner The Diner is our first choice for everything Western in terms of breakfast, brunch and lunch due to the wide variety of … Read More

Why Taiwan is So Safe – A Glimpse at a World Without Guns

There are some countries in the world that have guns and yet are ranked among the safest places in the world such as Iceland. Other countries including Japan have such restrictive gun laws that it is almost impossible for people to obtain them unless having gone through intense mental health check backgrounds. However, there are … Read More

Things to do on your visit in Taipei

Get some type of massage. We recommend Chinese foot massages and guasha at top-ranked villa Foot Massage in Taipei that has several locations. A foot massage is a great way to soothe the whole body as there are many energy points throughout the body that begin in the feet. By soaking your feet in warm … Read More

Taipei 7/11 Goodies – The All-In-One Shop Stop

If you are in Taipei it may dawn upon you that there are convenience stores, especially 7/11 outlets all over Taiwan. In fact, public figures states there are as many as 5,000 7/11s as of 2014, some of which are located right across from each other on the same street. Taiwan is known as the … Read More

Recommended Taipei English Speaking Dentists – Review

The Coaching Implant Center located right out of the Sun Yat Sen MRT station on Zhongxiao East Rd., is a certified and professional center offering dental and orthodontic services for people both with and without Taiwan national health insurance. The facilities located at this location are modern and new, and the health professionals are competent, … Read More

Cautionary to Take in Taipei – The Skeptic’s Guide

While Taipei is a relatively safe place to be for travelling and living, there is no place on earth that is free from scams and cheating. Below is a list of things to consider twice before encountering if possible based on media reports often popping up in the local media. Happy-ending massages Many reports in … Read More

Maneuvering the New Taipei MRT Station

Ever since the Taipei MRT station opened up new lines there have been about as many positive reactions as there have been negative ones in regards to transferring from station to station and maneuvering the fastest way to a given destination. Some people feel as if the new MRT lines and extensions ranging from the … Read More

Taipei Food – What to Expect from Local Breakfasts and Lunches

Taipei is well known for its wide selection of food ranging from hot fry, hot pot, mango ice, and even Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Thai food. However, most of these dishes are based around dinner foods and desserts, and are more expensive in pricing. There are also a number of great foods for breakfast and … Read More