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Smoking Hotels in Taipei

Smoking used to be more universally accepted than it is today. There was a time when you could smoke anywhere you wanted, from move theaters to airplanes and everywhere else. Those times have changed though and now it’s hard for smokers to find places where they can light-up. One of the biggest difficulties that smokers … Read More

Baby Friendly Hotels Taipei

If you have a little one to look after then a holiday is probably the first thing you need, but the last thing you want to arrange. It’s difficult to find accommodation that will provide family rooms and/or an extra cot for your baby to sleep in, but luckily such hotels do exist. In Taipei, … Read More

Backpacker Friendly Hotels in Taipei

One of the best ways to see a city in the modern age is to backpack through it. Not only is this cheap, but it allows you to venture off the beaten path and to live like a local. Backpackers search for a specific kind of hotel. They don’t stay in luxury 5-star or 4-star … Read More

Grand Forward Hotel Taipei

Located in the Banqiao District of New Taipei, the Grand Forward Hotel Taipei stands out as the most prestigious and popular hotel. It is leagues above its competitors and is often the first port-of-call for tourists paying a visit to this part of the world. Banqiao District This is a densely populated region, with over … Read More

Taipei Forward Hotel – Nangang Branch Review

Located in the Nangang District, the Taipei Forward Hotel is perfectly situated for an enjoyable holiday to this city and to this district in particular. This 3-star hotel is only a short walk away from one of the biggest attractions in the city of Taipei and it is also just a short drive from the … Read More

Haunted Hotels in Taipei

There are haunted venues all over the world, from creepy old inns and motels that are said to hold the angered spirits of previous generations, to luxury resorts and casinos that have been built on burial grounds and have caused misery to many. But one of the main areas that attracts beings from the other … Read More

Taipei Hotel Booking with Hotels Combined

Hotels Combined is a travel search engine. This was a little late to the party, cropping up after the advent of many other sites that had cornered a monopoly on the online travel market, but its intuitive search engine and its widespread marketing quickly ensured that there was a place for Hotels Combined in the … Read More

Taipei Hotel Booking with Trip Advisor – Review

Trip Advisor is one of the most popular travel sites in the world. Travelers can’t book directly through the website and are often redirected to other booking sites to do that, but here they can see reviews on hundreds of thousands of hotels, attractions and restaurants around the world. The way it’s set-up, Trip Advisor … Read More

Taipei Hotel Booking with Agoda – Review

If you’re looking to get away this year then you might be able to use a helping hand. The vast majority of travelers use travel sites to help them plan their holiday. Not only can they make the booking process easier, but they can also help you to save big. One of the biggest sites … Read More

Balcony Hotels Taipei

A balcony is something that’s only included in a handful of hotels, but that the vast majority of guests prefer. What better way to enjoy a city — or any location for that matter — than by relaxing on a chair a few feet from your hotel room, basking in the sun and sipping a … Read More