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Secret Spots to Watch Fireworks at 101 for New Years

On New Year’s Eve hordes of people gather on the MRT to go down to 101 to view the yearly fireworks. Crammed, annoyed, hungry and without a cellphone signal, people stand around awaiting the moment they can say “Happy New Year” before heading back on the subway to take an hour long commute that would … Read More

Determining if Taiwan is Actually Convenient

Taiwan is well known for its convenience, having over 5,000 7/11 stores open 24 hours a day, small- to medium-size stores offering every service you can possible imagine at every single block, and an MRT line that connects people all over the city. For this article we are not going to feed into bragging how … Read More

How to Find Non Teaching Jobs in Taipei

If you are considering moving to Taipei or have already done so but are looking for a way to get out of the teaching circle then there are a few options you can consider. The first question you need to address is how comfortable you are navigating websites in Chinese. If you have even a … Read More

Taipei Pizza – Review of Pizza Restaurants in Taipei

Most of us like Pizza and getting it in Taipei can be a challenge if you do not know where to look. Below we have compiled a list of the different pizza joints ranging from fast delivery to sit-down places throughout various areas in Taipei. Delivery The main pizza delivery hubs are Pizza Hut and … Read More

Uber Taipei – Review of Taipei’s Newest form of Transportation

Uber came to Taipei back in 2013 as the company aimed to extend its reach into Asia. Initially unrecognized by many locals, the company’s presence in Taiwan seemed to rise up with developments in China when various media outlets reported protests stirring up from Chinese cabbies over the company taking away jobs from locals. This … Read More

Exchanging Money in Taipei – What to Expect

Most people panic when they arrive to a foreign country if they don’t have a lot of the local currency on hand and run to the closest exchange office when they get off the plane to receive a bad exchange rate. Below we discuss what you need to know about exchanging currency in Taiwan and … Read More

Food Delivery Services in Taipei – Food Panda Review

Even though the company has been established a while back and operating in Taiwan for about 4-5 years, it was only until recently that we decided to test out Food Panda, a delivery service specializing in food for Greater Taipei. Promoted mostly through advertisements at various restaurants, we found ourselves seeing the company all over … Read More

Dairy Queen in Taipei Taiwan – Does it Treat You Right?

Yes, “hot eats, cool treats” has come to Taipei to several locations, only the hot eats portion does not exist. This is ok though because we like Dairy Queen (DQ) for its ice cream and not its sub-par hot food that can be easily replaced by a number of fast food joints that are cheaper. … Read More

Costco Taipei – Review of Available Foods and Drink

Costco’s decision to open branches in Taipei a few years back was a major breakthrough in terms of getting access to Western food that we missed or had to specially order from abroad. If you are new to Taipei or are thinking about getting a membership at Costco, below is a short list of food … Read More

Hamburgers in Taipei

There are many different burger joints sprouting in Taipei. As long-time expats we tend to frequent different places in order to get our burger fix, and in this article we would like to share with you our top choices and why. Gordon Biersch Not only does GB have overall awesome food ranging from salads, fish, … Read More