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Danshui Activities – Things to Do Around Tamsui

Danshui is a city with a very old history. It is one of the cities tourist visit more frequently in the new Taipei. It is a seaside town which due to its ports was taken over by many foreign countries in the early history. Danshui, also Romanized as Tamsui, is a kind of small city … Read More

Taipei Indian Food Scene – Where to Consider

Indian food is well known all around the world for its spices and extravagant taste. Taipei is no exception rather it has some of the most delicious Indian food makers in the country. Some of the most highly skilled cooks come here from India to start their own business and before they know it just … Read More

Italian Restaurants Throughout Taipei – Quick Glance

Taipei is has a large number of tourist from around the world. They all want to eat at the best foods they can find which is a big part of tourism. Despite their great variety of foods Italian food with its quality, simplicity, fantasy, health and tradition stand out among the masses of restaurants and … Read More

Five things you didn’t know about Taipei

Taipei is known for being the largest city and also the capital of Taiwan within the Republic of China. Taipei is situated along the Tamsui River which can be found in the Taipei Basin. The city sits on the very most northern tip of Taiwan and is called home by an incredible 6.9 million individuals. … Read More

Interesting food in Hualien

Taiwan, its city Taipei and the surrounding areas are exceptionally well-known for their markets and street food. Hualien City falls into this category and should not be missed during your trip. This beautiful city offers visitors everything you can imagine when it comes to food, fine dining, street food, and even some exceptionally interesting dishes … Read More

Top sites to see in Taipei

Taipei is known for being one of the largest, busiest and well-developed cities in the Republic of China. Taipei and its own unique culture add a vibrant and often unusual culinary scene along with beautiful yet breathtaking iconic attractions for visitors to enjoy, which makes the city of Taipei and incredibly popular destination for tourists. … Read More

Bed and Breakfast Hotels in Taipei – Review

There is certainly no denying that Taipei is a vibrant city which has steadily been developing into the modern age successfully. The capital has been built up of both modern and cultural aspects and highlights Japanese, Chinese, and even Western influences in its architecture, art, culture, and food, which is certainly been one of the … Read More

Bizarre Food to Try in Taiwan

There is certainly no denying that the Republic of China features an exceptionally wonderful culinary landscape, with unrivalled inspiration from the likes of China, Japan, and even Western cultures, which really puts Taiwan open to many different, unusual and downright bizarre combinations, especially when it comes to food. Visitors to Taiwan are always recommended to … Read More