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Eslite Bookstore: Taipei’s cultural landmark

There is a saying in Taiwan: if 101 Taipei is the geological landmark of Taipei city, then Eslite bookstore would be Taipei’s cultural landmark. Many tourists from Hong Kong and other Asian regions visit Taiwan in order to see the bookstore; one of the reasons why Taipei is considered one of the best cities to … Read More

China and Taiwan reacts to the national flag incident

The hottest topic in China and Taiwan’s social media in recent days is the “National flag incident” in which Taiwanese singer Ziyu Zhou holds Taiwan’s national flag and introduces herself as Taiwanese instead of Chinese, and insists that Taiwan is a country. After the video of Zhou’s remarks was released, Internet users on Chinese and … Read More

The best of Taiwan: A guide for first time visitors

Taiwan is a small island that has an incredibly rich variety of natural beauty and travel attractions; in this article we will introduce you to the best of Taiwan, if you are planning to visit Taiwan for the first time, these are the places you wouldn’t want to miss. 1. Taipei 101 Formerly known as … Read More

Taiwan becomes record-breaking “ 10-million travellers’ destination”

Taiwan joined the rank of Asian countries visited by more than 10 million tourists this in 2015, and people are asking, when will there be another 10 million? Experts in tourism suggests that we shouldn’t quantify Taiwan’s tourism and only focus on the numbers of visitors, if the number increases dramatically, Taiwan would not be … Read More

Man from Singapore visited Taiwan 57 times in 3 years

According to a report from China Times that found data published by Taiwan’s bureau of Transportation and Tourism, more than 70% of Hong Kong tourists, nearly 50% Japanese and American tourists, and more than 42% Singaporean and Malaysian tourists chose to re-visit Taiwan within the last 3 years. Taiwan has become an unforgettable destination for … Read More

Travel to Taiwan with movies

Taiwan, a faraway island that exists in many travellers’ imagination, presents its beauty in the movies. Let us travel to Taiwan with the guide of movies. Every beautiful destination in Taiwan is marked and outlined by movies: tranquil mountains and rivers, romantic and relaxing hot springs, Taipei Palace Museum that exhibits historical treasures, Elite bookstore, … Read More

Development of Taiwan books in the Mainland China market

Taiwan’s books written in traditional Chinese are popular among “literate youth” in Mainland China, but books imported from Taiwan are expensive, therefore for them Mainland China’s market remains unexplored. At present, Taiwanese books come to Mainland China through book fairs, which is a good way to spread Taiwan’s soft power. In 2016, Beijing book-order conference … Read More

Fewer Mainland Chinese tourists visiting Taiwan before Taiwan election

Less than two weeks before Taiwan’s presidential and legislator election, there is a notable decline in the number of tourists from Mainland China, while the number of Japanese and Hong Kong visitors increased. Owners of hotels, restaurants and guesthouses on major tourism routes told in a recent survey that they have seen a considerable decline in the … Read More