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My experience at the ever charming Jiufen

Jiufeng, located in Ruifang District, New Taipei City, used to flourish due to rich in gold mines but declined because of exhausted mining. After 1990, the movie “A City of Sadness” was shot in Jiufeng. The unique old architecture, hillside field and cultures have attracted attention from both domestic and abroad through this movie, which … Read More

Four ways of surfing internet with Wifi in Taiwan

Come to travel in Taiwan, how can you go without the internet? People, who are addicted to micro-blog, Wechat, and QQ, cannot survive without the internet. Here are four simple ways to get on the web with Wifi, keep the easy use of internet no matter where and when. Apply the free WIFI TPE-Free is … Read More

Visiting the hometown of Wansei in Hualien

During the Japanese colonial period, Taiwan government has implemented large scaled “immigration policy” in Hualien and Taitung. As the documentary “Wansei (Taiwan-born Japanese) Back Home” talked about a group of Taiwan-Born Japanese. After the World War II, they were repatriated, leaving their birthplace and going to their “strange” home country. Wansei has left, but they … Read More

The must-go six new spots in Southern Taiwan

From the end of 2015 to the early 2016, many eye-catching attractions are coming into service all over Taiwan. If you have not had the chance to visit, you might want to try to go there during the Spring Festival Holiday of 9 consecutive days. Following the summaries of Taiwan and Middle Taiwan, this article … Read More

Top 10 attractions in Hualien – Taroko Ranks #1

Except for the urban landscape in Taipei loved by tourists, other beautiful natural sceneries are also one of the major focuses of tourism. When talking about beautiful natural views, it is spontaneous to think about Hualien in East Coast of Taiwan. But do you know which beautiful spots you should not miss? According to Daily … Read More

Four Things You Must Do In Taiwan

Motorcycle riding In Taiwan, an unplanned trip starts on motorcycle. Here, riding motorcycle is such an awesome thing to do. Here, motorcycle is the must-have tool to satisfy your need to play something fancy. Whale watching Whale watching in Taitung is the most popular trip on Taiwan East Coast in summer. The most common seen … Read More

Sad story of “Weeping Lake” attracts tourists to visit

The Dongyuan Lake Forest Recreation area in Mudan, Pingtung, also known as “Weeping Lake” in Taiwan, has its legend that the water in the lake was the tears from a Paiwan girl, whose lover never came back after going out for hunting. As the time in May and June is the blossom season for wildflowers, … Read More

Group wedding of Austronesian people to kick off in Taiwan

The event “Group Wedding of Austronesian people, bond in Dawu Mountain” has entered its 11th year. Each year, the event has attracted many couples from domestic and abroad to sign up. This year, it will be held during March 5th to March 27th. The opening ceremony will commence on March 5th at Makazayazaya’s Kubav (Barn) … Read More

Walk along the train track, in-depth visit to Jiji

Jiji, inTaiwan’s southern area of Nantou, was once selected as the world top 10 tourist town. With a sense of vintage and simpleness, a sun-splashed green tunnel, and a busy old street, the town is filled with the leisureliness in a Japanese way. Tired of busy lives, come and enjoy the retro style in Jiji. … Read More

Yang Ming Park preparing for 2016 cherry blossoms

The sun of early spring in March shines in the bashful and soft way. The flowers cannot wait to burst into bloom in Taipei’s Yang Ming Park, known as the backyard of Taipei. And the freshly grown leaves occupy the trees. What a busy scene of nature! Currently, 20% of the Yoshino cherry blossoms in … Read More