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Taiwan Railways Administration Aligning more with Japan

Taiwan Railways Pingxi Line and Enoshima Electric Railway will sign up tourism corporation agreements on April 26th. The two parties will promote the joint effort in cross-countries marketing with ticket exchange for free in order to set an example for the communication between the two railways. Furthermore, two parties have decided from April 1st, 2019, … Read More

The best go-to places for dating in Taipei

Night viewing on Yangming Mountain The mountain at the back of the Chinese Culture University is probably the hottest night viewing attractions. If you go there in the evening, you can see couples there dating. The air feels like being filled up with romance. In the nearby sightseeing restaurant, you can have some drink or … Read More

App for Navigating Taipei Train Station Under Development

The Taipei Train Station is commonly known as “the biggest maze in Taiwan”. To change this stereotype, the Taiwan Railways Administration has been developing an app called “Don’t get lost in the Taipei Train Station”. It will be launched in May at the earliest. In the future, people will be able to use the App … Read More

The world of Hayao Miyazaki at Huashan, Taipei

This summer, you don’t need to go to Tokyo to enjoy the classic scenes in Hayao Miyazaki’s animations. United Daily News has planned for five years and gathered the masterpieces of Hayao Miyazaki for the “Special Exhibition of Studio Ghibli’s Animation World”, which will be opened on June 18th. However, it may not be aware … Read More

Where to have a casual day in Taipei

When you open a traveling book about Taipei, you will probably find the places like National Palace Museum, Taipei 101, and Taipei Zoo. Even though these places are indeed having their own characteristics, which are worth visiting, they are not all the elements that have formed the City of Taipei. If you want to know … Read More

Taipei City Council making headway on new construction

The Taipei West Portal Plan initiated by the governor of Taipei, Ke Wen-je, including the demolition of Zhongxiao Bridge ramp, making the old “North Gate” see the lights again. Also, the old City Council Building, known as the “ten billion worth haunted house” has been torn down. But what can you do with such a … Read More

YouBike tours popular around Taipei MRT Luzhou Station

Going towards Huanti direction, there is the Taipei Metropolitan Park that crosses three districts and the double circled bike lane. You can sweat as much as you like while playing sports, or enjoy the view of Luzhou and Sanchong. If you feel tired, you can take a break at the coffee shop, eat some desserts … Read More

Top Picnic Spots in Taiwan

Picnic originated from Europe in 18th Century. This “Le déjeuner sur l’herbe” (Luncheon on the grass) was created by Edouard Manet between 1862 to 1863 has revealed that “picnic” was indeed a social and leisure activity that can only be enjoyed by middle class or higher. Till now, the picnic has more than 200 years’ … Read More

Fondant Cake DIY places for kids and parents in Taipei

There is one place in Yangming Mountain, where you can shoot nice photo, eat good food, and have fun. It is not only the place for girls to fulfill their dreams of having picnic under the tree but also the places where have fondant cake loved by the celebrity – Jolin. It is a good … Read More

Love Letter Records Circulating in Taipei

Due to work, we are lucky to have the chance to go to another side of the sea – Taiwan. We walk among the mountains, water and city, visiting places of historic interest, experiencing the culture and custom, and trying to use simple, sincere, concise, and passionate way to record what the island indeed look … Read More