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Not just in Taipei! Google Play Mobile Carnival expanded in Taiwan

Continuing last global leading event of “Google Play Carnival” held in Taipei, Google announced the launching of the “Google Play Mobile Carnival” in Taipei Huashan. Besides Taipei, Google Play will continue its tour this year to Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung. According to the data published by Google, the active global Android users have exceeded 1,400,000,000 … Read More

Suggested foods to try while in Taipei – Must eat local food in Taipei

Speaking of Taipei, besides the Café in Jiufeng, Taipei 101, and Chaing Kai-shek Memorial Hall, the most frequently think of is the various food. Some people says, Taipei’s food is the epitome of the Taiwan. Eating the right food and finding the right place is the compulsory class you must take when you travel to … Read More

Taiwan Pass launches – Travel around Taiwan with one card

“Taiwan Pass,” now tourists can use a small card to visit all the popular attractions. In addition, with this tiny card, they can enjoy the discounts in food, accommodation, travel, shopping, and transportation. Also, it will provide tourists with traveling suggestions. So, they can easily take advantage of the public transportation and travel around different … Read More

New Taipei City Mountain Climbing Festival

This year’s New Taipei City Mountain Climbing Festival is themed on “Deep into the mountain – Light traveling”, combined with health walking in the mountain, walking trail and guidance on the historical culture. Offered with group traveling package, the deep explore of the historical and cultural relic and observe the natural environment, hoping to bring … Read More

Taipei Summer Bear Festival Underway at Expo Park

The Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government announced on 29th, the Farmer’s Market at the Expo Park will host “Summer Beer Festival” during July 2nd to July 3rd. There will be fresh Malasang Beer and Alechemist Beer you can try at the scene. The dragon fruit from Taidong and Shijia Popsicle can also find … Read More

Visiting the Treasure Hill Temple in Taipei

It is the corner of the city that is hard to give definition. It is next to the busy life circle of Taipei, however, there is few students that would come here. It is located in the small hill at the Xindian creek. The high speed road surrounded the creek is right across the skyline. … Read More

Japan, Korean and Myanmar Streets in Taiwan

Do you know how many “Exotic Streets” are there in Taipei? Here, there are luxurious residence left from the Japanese colonial period. There is also the imitating Japanese street formed by the Southeast Asian immigrants. Come and walk around the five streets during the weekend, you don’t need to take the airplane to enjoy the … Read More

Must try “Bread Bowl (Coffin Bowl)” in Taiwan

When you are traveling in Taiwan, you have to try various snacks. The Night Market in Taiwan is undoubtable the best place to try featured snacks. In all these different types of delicious snacks in the night market, “Bread Bowl” should not be missed. Bread Bowl is the classic snacks in Taiwan, which originated from … Read More

Recommended Summer Trips in Taipei

Taipei is shown between the interaction of city and nature. In one day, you can walk into the mountain, resting by the lake, or you can walk around the alley and enjoy the view through the times. Walking through the old gate of the city, visit Dadaocheng at night Biking is one of the most … Read More

Staying at universities” is the new traveling trend in Taiwan

The summer vacation is around the corner, which brings the busy season for traveling. A lot of travelers have failed in love with little campus tour. “Come to stay at the universities for one night” has become the new trend in Taiwan. Staying at the featured hotel at the universities, walking in the campus, enjoy … Read More