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The trip of time traveling, the community culture tour in Taizhong starts

The “in-depth community culture tour in Taichung” last year are speaking highly by tourists last year. So, this year, “Meet in 2016, the trip of time traveling” will launch in September. The online registration starts from today. This event has 6 routes, including Taiping, Dajia, Shalu, Waipu, Fengyuan and Houli district. The event has 12 … Read More

What to do in Daxi District Taoyuan

Now, it is the season for the juicy peach. It is convenient for you to purchase the peach in the market. However, if this is not enough for you, you can arrange a small tour of two days and one night in Lala mountain and purchase peach there. And you can have a deep tour … Read More

Things to Do and See in Taichung, Taiwan

Fancy a two day and one-night light trip? Taichung is not a bad choice. You can eat, drink and taste the food, or experience the artistic cultural architecture. You can use the EasyCard to enjoy a free 8 km bus ride in the city and first 30 minutes free iBike – the public bicycle. First … Read More

Events and Information on Taichung

“Old town with new dreams, reproducing the striking beauty!” The Tourism Bureau of Taichung City has launched the old town tourist season in Taichung, starting today to November. The Tourism Bureau of Taichung City aims to attract tourists from both domestic and abroad to visit the old town. It works with the local traveling organizations … Read More

Kaohsiung Museum of History hosts “Time traveling, Kaohsiung 1930”

Do you still remember the scene in the famous movie “Back to the future”, the fantastic story of taking time machine travel from 1985 to 1955? The Kaohsiung Museum of History has made itself a time machine this time, hosting “Time traveling, exclusive exhibition of Kaohsiung 1930” and bring visitors back to the Taiwan of … Read More

New Taipei City’s government launches traveling plan in Shuangxi

New Taipei City’s government has launched in-depth traveling plan in Shuangxi, including “energetic and simple river flow”, “field with stories”, “home of muntiacus reevesi”, and “Love for mountain and water” – four theme route. It will let the travelers experience the farm life, and fell the different culture and custom. In the trip of “Home … Read More

Have fun with artistic Taipei

Taipei, in many people’s expression, has become the byword of the new generation hipster, who is energetic and simple. This maybe because of how Taipei was portrayed in the multi-faceted film and television shows. The artistic campus, baby voices, quiet Eslite bookstore, the night market you can go with your lover, the subway lead to … Read More

Must See Things to See and Do in Taiwan

Watch a 24-hr movie, listen to a show at the Red Envelope Club Ximenting becomes the famous movie street in Taipei since 1930. Now, it has more than 20 movie theaters. If you want to watch the movie premiere, you can definitely find it here in Ximenting. The Red Envelope Club is a type of … Read More

Taipei’s “Bookstore Street” on South Chongqing Rd.

The bookstore street on the South Chongqing Road uses to give people the image of the old city. In order to change this stereotype about the bookstore street, the South Chongqing Road Bookstore Street promotion association this year has integrated surrounding featured bookstore, historical sites and attraction, launching the “South Chongqing Road Bookstore Strolling Map”. … Read More

Visiting Taiwan’s Miaoli on the high-speed rail

The Culture and Tourism Bureau of Miaoli County Government announced today; it takes less than one hour to get to Miaoli County from Taipei or Taizhong to take the high-speed train. Miaoli County is the only one, who has two towns certified as the slow city by Cittaslow International. The county provides convenient shuttle bus, … Read More