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The best places to shop in Taipei

Taipei has perfectly combined art and modern. The varied products and fun shopping street makes Taipei the heaven for shoppers. If you want to find the most trending products in the fashion industry, or creative products, or even go treasure hunting in the night market, only Taipei can satisfy your need. Let’s check the five … Read More

The bourgeoisie’s trip in Taipei

When you talk about Taipei, most people would think about famous attractions like Taipei 101, the palace Museum, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall and others. However, to me, the warmness and friendliness of people in Taipei and the lives of the ordinary Taiwanese families are concentrated in those streets and alleys. If you have the time … Read More

The “Oriental Venice” in Taiwan: old street in Danshui

Danshui is known as the “Oriental Venice”. The beautiful scenery, rich history and culture, presenting different aspects of the place in day, night even each season. The old Danshui Street by the side of the beautiful river is one of the old streets in Taiwan that has its own feature. Seeking f or the old … Read More

Explore new attractions in Taipei

There are more and more metro stations in Taipei. Taking a cab or renting a car, it takes less than an hour to get to beautiful suburb from downtown. According to the latest tourism survey, in 2015, there is 180 thousand more people travel to Taiwan from Singapore in 2010, which has increased 93.36%. Because … Read More

Halloween “trick”- Taipei hotels invite guests to have eat and drink

October 31st is Halloween, which is the western “guest” festival. In Europe, it is known as the day where the underworld is most close to our world. However, affected by the American culture, this traditional Christian feast has become a joyful festival. People have fun by tricking or scaring others. This day has become a … Read More

Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education launches events

The Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education has launched the limited autumn activities between October and November for the Youth Trip. For example, seeing the mountain flowers in Bayan, Taipei, visiting the color painting village in Shigang, Taizhong, making kids’ toys, or even observing the migratory birds in Gongliao or Fangyuan. The Youth Development Administration, … Read More

To promote cycling tours in Taiwan, 3,000 riders take off in 4 cities

In order to promote the cycling sports and Traveling in middle of Taiwan. The Taizhong city government works with department of transportation and tourism hosts one of the major events of the 2016 Taiwan Bicycle Festival – “OK Taiwan Taizhong Bicycle Carnival”. It will start on 8th this month. The event has gathered 3000 bicycle … Read More