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Taipei’s Best Noodle Shops – Must Eat Noodle Shops in Taipei

Besides Bento store, you will find noodle restaurant in each street in Taiwan. It might be a street food stall that only opens in the morning, giving people who gets up early the energy they needed. Or it might be a small restaurant, a simple noodle soup can fulfill the starving people. In Taipei, besides … Read More

Recommended fried chicken store in Kaohsiung

Now, if you want fried chicken, you don’t have to go to fast food stores. There are many stores that sells only fried chicken. Such as Caseker Fried Chicken. Since it opened in 2013, besides its main stores in Sanduo, there is another one under construction on Jiangong Road. The store on the Jiangong Road … Read More

Famous Japanese Cakes Making Headway in Taiwan

If you want to eat the master desserts, you don’t have to go travel abroad. Hi-Lal Foods have invited the famous chef from the “Patisserie Ryoura” store in Tokyo. Starting from today, till June 30th, there will be 12 classic cakes. The most expensive one is sold for 1,850 Japanese Yen, which means eating five … Read More

Taipei All you can eat at Fullon Hotel for NT$699

“All you can eat” has always been favored by the people in Taiwan. Most of the buffet at the famous five stars restaurants are normally above NT$1,500. Even though people will normally get full, but your wallet is going to shrink a lot. The Fullon Hotel in Taipei has currently renovated and now is giving … Read More

Mountain Climbing in Taipei – Vertical Wall Areas Nearby

70% of the Taiwan is mountain. Besides Baiyue, north Taiwan has several places that are not very tall, but they have very precipitous, which require to use ropes to climb the approximately 90-degree straight up. The process is very exciting, during which you need to use booth your feet and hands to climb up and … Read More

Taiwanese Weigh In On Favorite Noodles

Now, editor has to start bragging about Taiwan, besides being the kingdom of fruit, kingdom of delicious food, there is another award should be added to the list, which is the kingdom of instant noodle. If you have chance to recommend instant noodle to foreigners, which one will you choose? Someone on the internet happens … Read More

Grand opening of the Retro palace styled brewery taking place in Nantou

People who are interested in acholic beverage need to pay attention now! The brewery themed tourist factory – “Cai’s brewery” has become the new tourist attraction in Nantou. Beside the palace styled architecture is very breathtaking. It has reproduced the British street in the old industrial era. There is detailed introduction on the relevant knowledge. … Read More

Top 10 Places in Taiwan with Free and Beautiful Views

Hualien Chihsingtan Beach: best time to visit – all year round The Chihsingtan Scenic Area offers extensive scenery overlooking the blue-green Pacific Ocean. The long, wide beach is full of pebbles and rocks. Due to the lack of buildings and residents nearby, the light pollution is relatively low. Therefore, it has become the best place … Read More

Popular Hualien Restaurants for Women as Recommended by Locals

The fancy dried flower themed celling has swept the whole Taiwan. In Hualien, the restaurant owners used their creativity and decorated the ceiling with colorful dried flowers, making it into a dream scene for girls. This article has gathered two restaurants that a “sky of dried flower”. There, you can not only take romantic and … Read More

Taipei to Kaosiung Tour – High-speed Rail and Bus Combo 2017

For the first time, Taipei Subway worked with Taiwan High-Speed Rail, it starts to sell “High-Speed Rail · Taipei Subway · Double-decker Bus Combo Ticket” from June 1st this year to December 21st next year. The combo ticket includes 2 High-Speed Rail return tickets, 48 hours Taipei Subway ticket, and one voucher for the Taipei … Read More