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Delicious Food Areas in Zhongshan District, Taipei

Zhongshan district is the area that was developed the earliest. The streets are filled with architectures and historical monuments with the sense of history, but it is also combined with modern culture. Wedding dress street, Pub street, featured shopping district, even the famous snacks are very diversified. The market department says, besides eel rice, pork, … Read More

Trendy food in Taichung for less than HK $150 (20 USD)

Don’t know what to eat when you’re traveling in Taichung? Here will recommend 4 places to go in Taichung, where have great environment, featured food with less than HK $150. You can “check in” on social media with photo taking while waiting for the food. National Taichung Theater – best place for “check in” (HK$ … Read More