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Where to East in Taoyuan – Popular Restaurants and Cafes

Shang Café The hot and steamy Ujien green tea cake just served on the table. The dense and moist cake is good in quantity, with the green tea sauce from the Japanese Ujien, gives you a little bit bitterness instead of overly sweet taste. Last, put the green tea ice cream as decoration is just … Read More

Things to Do in Danshui – Where to Sight See in Tamsui

On the hottest summer day, people cannot stop sweeting outside. Outing is too hot, then just go to see the sunset! The sunset in Danshui (Tamsui) is many people’s romantic spot in Taipei. However, there is more than sunset in Tamsui. In the end of the old street, there are three monuments standing under the … Read More

New Food Brands and Restaurants in Taichung 2017

In the past, many food brands chose to open their first store in Taipei. But recently, 3 restaurant groups opened their first store of the new brand in Taichung. They are Oriental Food Chain Restaurant Group – Rice Bar, Wowprime – Spicy King, and the La Kaffe International act as the proxy for “Tanyu”. Each … Read More

Vending Machine for Hand Make Drinks Opens in Taipei

“SOYes” first started in Taichung, it is the first self-order beverage store. Its main drink is the infusion of soy milk and tea. Recently, it opens new store at the 9th floor of the food court in Taipei Syntrend. During the holiday, there is always a lot of people. From today till then end of … Read More

Must See Tainan – Recommended Travel Spots in Tainan

Tainan is the old city in Taiwan, which has a lot of historical attractions such as Anping Old Castle, Confession Temple. The delicious food here is also the reason why people travel to Tainan. “DailyView Internet Temperature” uses the searching engineer of KEYPO, summarized the most discussed attractions in Tainan. If you don’t know where … Read More

Recommended Restaurants Taipei – Favorite and Stylish Eats in Taipei

Love food? But sometimes don’t know which restaurant to go to? Today, 8 most favorite stylish restaurants in Taipei are introduced, let’s have “a tour on the table.” travel with the local food: Island1 kitchen An industrial styled bistro with a low profile from the outside, the cuisine is entirely the authentic sense of Taiwan, … Read More

Must See Taichung – Best Travel Destinations in Taichung

Besides night markets, theater in Taichung, what else you can go to have fun and take picture? There are many mysterious lands here in Taichung. Besides the Long Mao Tunnel in Houli, there are four mysterious lands, each of which has different style, making it hard for you to stop taking pictures. Let’s see from … Read More

Themed Tourist Attractions in Taoyuan

Don’t just rush to your couch. Even for the rainy day, there are still many places to go in Taoyuan. Today, it has summarized five themes to go in Taoyuan. So, you can have a great fun in the rainy day. No. 1 Shopping time at the mall The shopping malls in Taoyuan is not … Read More

The most difficult cities and sites in Taiwan to travel to

The newest “most difficult cities in Taiwan to travel to” is released. “Hsinchu”, the place where is no attraction and the desert for food, has become the No.1. People in Hsinchu think the city was wronged. Who says there is nothing here. This article is the counterattack from Hsinchu, let’s follow the reporter and see … Read More

Water Parks in Taiwan – Top Spots to Cool Off in Summer

What you need in the hot summer is water! After the finals, the summer vacation is here. Of course, you have to run to the sunny beach and sea with a bunch of friend. Besides the trip to the beach, a trip to the exciting water park is not a bad choice neither. A few … Read More