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Top Restaurants in Tainan – Recommended East from Locals

Tainan, called the “City of the food”, has countless delicious food. No matter the three main meals, late-night super, or even snacks, you can all find the best recommendation list on the internet. However, is every single one on the list that good? Now, let the editor take us to see if all the 16 … Read More

Taidong Beach Cafes – Best Restaurant Cafes Along Taidong Coast

Good mountain, water and slow pace, Taidong is called the backyard of Taiwan. It is the vacation haven for a lot of tourists. This article summarized four “mysterious beach view café” that allow you to relax and enjoy the nature. Wave coffee The Wave Coffee is right in front of the Shanyuan coast. There is … Read More

Hot Air Balloon Festivals and Activities in Taiwan

In the summer, you have to take the colorful and lovely hot air balloon to have a tour in the air. The trend of hot air balloon is getting hotter in Taiwan. Now, the editor has summarized three must-go hot air balloon carnivals in the summer. Taking advantage of the summer and getting on the … Read More

Night View Spots in Taipei – Best Night View Locations

Want to have romantic and classic date, you should not miss the night view and chatting! Two people watching the night view together, your heart slowly goes away while chatting. Here, five night view places in Taipei are selected. Hurry up and invite the one you have a crush on, go to see the night … Read More

Popular Vacation Spots in Taipei – Recommended Day Trips 2017

The “twin city” – Tamsui and Bali are located on the right bank and left bank of the estuary of the Tamsui River. They are the most frequently visited places for Taipei residents, where they can get close to the water and have a view of the sea. The two different styles of cities have … Read More

Shisanhang Museum offering free stay overnight event

The scenes in the “Night of the museum”, where every night all the status and antiques come into night, making people very surprising and fulfilling their vivid imagination. Have you any imagined if you can stay a night in the museum? Shisanhang Museum in Taiwan will launch the free stay overnight event soon. Shisanhang Museum … Read More