We started with a great idea and tons of enthusiasm.

Chinese Connects is a U.S.-based company that provides specialized English to Chinese and Chinese to English translation services. The company also provides high-quality composition services in Chinese and as well as transcription services from Chinese to English.


We care about Chinese translation

Chinese Connects was established among the founder’s passion to build more bridges between the West and Greater China. The founder spent years with various organizations throughout Taiwan, China and the US conducting consulting and translation services only to find out that many individuals and companies were struggling due to lack of communication between one another. Keeping this realization in mind among increasing importance for communication between the West and Greater China, the founder established Chinese Connects with the intention that the Chinese language connects people to all sorts of possibilities.

To be passionate is the key

We at Chinese Connect know you have schedules and deadlines, and are dedicated to being prompt and careful to makes sure translations are done efficiently. It is important the words you want to communicate have the EXACT meaning to your intended reader. At Chinese Connect, we guarantee that by double and triple checking our projects with native speakers on BOTH sides to avoid mistakes and guarantee customer satisfaction. Please contact us with any projects or questions you many have for us or find out more about our past customer testimonies by clicking here.

Whether one likes to admit it, communication is at the core of everything we do and it largely determines the success we encounter in our everyday business affairs. At present, Chinese Mandarin is taking a leading role as a major form of communication in the world and is expected to do so for many years to come. We believe it is quintessential not to ignore this trend and realize the importance of effectively translating work to and from Chinese and English in order to help your business affairs succeed in the market.

Our translators are not simply people who are good at translating pieces of information word by word. They are educated in the industry and pick up on nuances that would otherwise be lost by inexperienced translators. Chinese Connect has access to a pool of translators that have spent their lives dedicated in fields they translate in and only strive to produce the best of quality for customer projects.

Overall, thinking of Chinese translation act as a bridge to help your company either fulfill a business goal or start a new one is an investment worthwhile, and we at Chinese Connect believe wholeheartedly in that notion based off our experiences and observations in the market.

You, your company or your future shouldn’t have to struggle developing in places such as China and Taiwan because of language issues. Chinese Connects was set up to help you succeed, and is dedicated to bringing the most specialized and accurate Chinese translation results.

Why Invest in ChineseConnects

  • Industry seasoned translators
  • Superior Quality Control
  • Competitive Prices
  • Specialized Translations
  • Recognized Work
  • Diversity of Services