Must Go To Places in Qingdao – Where to Travel in Qingdao

This summer, the hot summer day is beating me up. Now, I come to realize “to stay where is cool” is the best thing in the summer. Speaking of cool, do you want to stay under water or in the bear? Don’t miss the annual International Beer Festival, which is hosted from August 4th to … Read More

Changsha Food – Where to Eat in Taipiing

Taiping Street as a signature street for food, has attracted a ton of locals and tourists here. Besides the featured Changsha foods, there are newly added popular foods on the internet. For food lovers, getting all kinds of food are the principle. So, let’s go shopping on the Taiping street. Check-in all the popular food … Read More

Outdoor Restaurants and Cafes in Beijing

The recent weather in Beijing is nice. The sun makes it hard to open your eyes. Good time make you want to eat more. If you don’t take advantage of the such sunny day in Beijing while eat, what a waste. So, I will recommend you a few restaurants and cafes have big balcony. Promise … Read More

Qinghai Sea Attractions – Free Activities at Qinghai

May 4th Square, Qingdao International Sailing Center, Eight Great Passes, Zhanqiao Pier, Zhongshan Park, Bathing Beach… those are all signature attractions along the seas in Qingdao. They have another thing in common, which is they are all free. When the tourists come to Qingdao, these attractions are the must go places. And the number of … Read More

A’ershan Forest National Park in China – Must See Inner Mongolia

A’ershan Forest National Park in China – Must See Inner Mongolia Dujuan Lake – white snows and red flowers face each other There is mountain in the lake. There is cave in the mountain. There is spring in the cave. The combination of mountain, water, spring, forest, flower, cave, bird, and animal is the biggest … Read More

Chinese Food Types – Delicacies in China by Territory

Some people travel to see the view, some to experience the history, some to experience the culture, some to eat the foods. Next, it will introduce the featured foods of the locals. You will definitely get full. As a food lover, you will know where to go next. Gansu – Lanzhou Beef Noodle Lanzhou Beef … Read More

Chengdu Summer Spots – Where to Escape the Heat

The high temperatures continue in many cities, Shanghai, Nanjing, Xi’an, Wuhan, Chengdu and other cities’ temperature is even higher than 40 degree. Really want to find a place to freeze myself. The Emei Mountain in Sichuan, which is less than 2 hours away from Chengdu is the best place to escape the summer. The average … Read More

Xi’an Travel – All You Need To Know

Xi’an, no matter how you perceive it, it is a landmark among all the cities in China that you could ignore. In the eyes of outsiders, Xi’an is like this: the brick you pick up on the street randomly might come from a thousand years ago; even the air might be the breath of Yang … Read More

Traveling in Chongqing – Recommended Areas of Travel

When you chose your accommodation in a city, there are normally two factors to consider: the first one is the price, the cheaper the better, if you don’t care about the living condition. If this is the case, then you can go check out at the train station of the bus station. Here, you can … Read More

Luocheng Old Town – Sichuan’s Boat Shaped Town

Even though it was planned to visit Luocheng old town, it is still a surprise. 4 years ago in Leshan, Sichuan, took the highway from Yibin, passing Jianwei County. Didn’t known the boat-shaped old town was so close. It is a small unnoticeable town in the southeast side of the Sichuan Basin. In history, it … Read More