Japanese Style Hotels in Taipei: Review

The Japanese style of design is an elegant and beautiful one, not like anything else. The Japanese have their own way of doing things, their own way of creating, assigning and arranging. From the thinly padded and sliding doors that surround the rooms, to the beds that are only a few inches off the floor … Read More

Taipei Hotels with Early Check In: Review

One of the times in which hotels never seem to be quite in-sync with their guests is when it comes to check-in and check-out times. On holiday many people want to lie in. They have no work to go to, few responsibilities to attend to, so there is no need to wake up early. Despite … Read More

Taipei Hot Springs Hotels: Review

The Hot Springs are located in the district of Beitou, and are well worth a visit during your stay in Taipei. This area can be accessed via subway stations, buses and car journeys from all over the city, but the best way to see it regularly is to stay within the area. In this article … Read More

Themed Hotels in Taipei: Review

Taipei operates a little differently from cities you might be used to. This is a cultural melting pot, a city that runs at a frantic pace, and one that caters for many tastes, many nationalities and many ethnicities. One of the ways in which Taipei differs from the big cities you might be used to, … Read More

Fengshui Hotels

Feng shui is a system of establishing harmony with your surroundings. This can be done in many ways and typically involves placing furniture in certain positions. People can create feng shui in their own homes, but many choose to hire feng shui specialists who will arrange their homes for them. It is also popular with … Read More

Taipei Hotels with Family Rooms – Family Hotels in Taipei

If you have kids then you will understand that there is no such thing as a couple’s holiday, just as there is no such thing as a romantic holiday or even an adventure holiday. A vacation when you have kids is one that involves those kids, one where half your time is spent shouting at … Read More