Q. How long does a project take to complete?

A. It depends, but general projects and their equivalent pricing need about 7-10 working days to be completed whereas larger projects may take 15-20 working days. Expedited services include 5-, 3- and 2-day packages depending on the project.

Q. What makes Chinese Connects stand out to its competitors?

A. The company draws upon a source of translators and writers who have spent their lives dedicated in the industry and are not simply outsourced translators who are most likely incompetent in the field. We are a specialized niche company that only wants the best for the industry, thus we stick to what we’re good at and don’t spread ourselves too thin.

Q. Why pay as high as US$0.12-0.15 a word?

A. Our services guarantee high quality and we offer packages where projects can be checked by multiple sources, all of whom are experienced and dedicated in their fields of translation and writing. Don’t take chances with generic translation companies who offer cheaper prices, for your project is likely to be tossed around by multiple unregulated sources, which will produce an outcome you’re likely to regret!

Q. How does Chinese Connects know that other translation companies constantly outsource and conduct unregulated measures?

A. The founder has worked in multiple translation companies throughout Asia and the US. Unfortunately, both ends are more concerned about quantity and profits over quality. The founder was dedicated to improving this situation while working in those companies but did so in vain due to certain companies’ attitudes. Thus, the founder opened Chinese Connects and chooses to conduct business in a different manner.

Q. How does Chinese Connects ensure the privacy of my project?

A. We sign disclosures with all our clients based off their requirements unless they specify otherwise. For example, press releases may have to be disclosed until released by the client but may further be used for the general public afterwards. For more info, see our privacy policy.

Q. If I need to change something in the project or I notice the translation should be changed, how does Chinese Connects deal with it?

A. If a client sends back a project that happens to be translated not to your liking, Chinese Connects will revise it all the way through once free of charge. However, if the client decides to add in more information along the way, additional pricing will be calculated per word.

Please make sure to review all the project material before sending back in order to avoid constant email tag.

Q. When do I conduct payment?

A. We require clients to conduct payment before we begin a project as to avoid clients from fleeing off unregistered. Chinese Connects is here to stay and is a legitimate company that guarantees you will receive the work you paid for.

Q. I already paid for my project. What if I add or subtract information from it later down the road?

A. If you decide to add information after paying the initial project amount, Chinese Connects will first bill you and then make the necessary adjustments to the project. If, however, you decide to subtract work from the project, Chinese Connects requires you to do so within 3 days of the initial agreement and will reimburse you for the amount subtracted.