Haunted Hotels in Taipei

There are haunted venues all over the world, from creepy old inns and motels that are said to hold the angered spirits of previous generations, to luxury resorts and casinos that have been built on burial grounds and have caused misery to many. But one of the main areas that attracts beings from the other side is the hospitality industry. There are people who will do their best to avoid staying in a hotel that is haunted, but on the flip side, there is a large number of people who flock to hotels just because they are haunted. So, whilst “haunted” hotels do stand to lose some business, they probably get that back tenfold.

In Taipei, there are said to be a handful of haunted hotels, some of which may come as a surprise. In this article we’ll pick out the two most haunted hotels in the city, the Grand Hyatt and the Grand Hotel.

Grand Hyatt

The Telegraph, one of the biggest newspapers in the United Kingdom, once listed this hotel as one of the most haunted in the world. Similar reports have come out of the United States, Australia and many other countries for that matter. So the story of the Grand Hyatt is not one that is only known to locals.

It has been said that the reason the Grand Hyatt is haunted is because it was built on a political prison. The ghosts of the tormented prisoners are said to haunt the hallways and the rooms of this luxury hotel, taking out the pain of torture and execution on the guests that pay a small fortune to spend a night here.

Ghost stories are widespread here, and you’ll even find many of them on hotel review sites. The sightings of ghostly prisoners have existed here since the hotel opened, and there are even reports that Jackie Chan, the action-movie star, encountered such an apparition during his stay at the hotel.

There are no detailed stories of these ghosts though and few people that claim to have seen things or felt things have gone to great lengths to explain what they have seen or felt. There is not one specific ghost either, but if the stories about this place are true, then it’s likely that there will be many ghosts in this hotel, as opposed to one or two “famous” ones.

The Grand Hyatt have taken these claims seriously and have done everything they can to banish the ghosts that are said to reside here — including placing scrolls in the entrance and hallways, and hiring feng shui experts to do their thing — but whether any of these stories are true or not is still up for debate. This is also a very modern and very luxurious hotel, not to mention one that is very reasonably priced, so for many it is irrelevant whether it is haunted or not.

Grand Hotel

One of the biggest and most beautiful hotels in Taipei, the Grand Hotel also has some of the most intriguing history. Many famous people have stayed here throughout the years, with politicians and world leaders flocking here. Everyone from Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, to Nelson Mandela, Margaret Thatcher and Shigeru Yoshida have stayed at the Grand Hotel. In fact, the claims that the Grand Hotel is haunted stem from this wealth of history, as this hotel has seen a lot.

Benigno Simeon Aquino Jr stayed here the night before he was assassinated. There are also many miles of tunnels underneath the hotel. To begin with it was just local rumor, but these tunnels were revealed to exist in 1995 and are said to be big enough to hold 10,000 people at any given time.

There are not as many reports of ghostly experiences at the Grand Hotel as there are at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, but with so much history and with so much tension, misery and anger passing through here over the years, there are paranormal experts who believe that some of it stayed behind. There are guests who have reported some ill feelings whilst inside the hotel, almost as if some of the history of the hotel is rubbing off on them.

Of course, the same could be said for any hotel though. Hotels that have been around for as long as the Grand Hotel, and ones that cater for so many people and for so many VIPs, are sure to have experienced some turmoil in the past. There is no direct link to the paranormal with the Grand Hotel, nothing that it has that other historic 5-star hotels do not have.

However, it’s clear that if you want to see some ghosts or you want to at least feel their presence, then you need to book yourself into the Grand Hyatt Hotel. If you want the height of luxury without the threat of your night being ruined by the angry spirits of long-dead prisoners, then the Grand Hotel might be a better choice.

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