Some differences in Chinese behavior from 2006-2013


Spitting is and probably always will be a big thing in China but it has improved over the years as China has put pressure on its citizens to be more “civil” in the wake of the nation’s growing international community and exposure. Aside from behavior patterns, most of the spitting actually comes from the bad air, as breathing in pollution first creates disturbances in the lungs and throats followed by large amounts of phlegm. In a way the spitting is understandable but is a bit hard to accept at times when it happens constantly. Air pollution is getting better in some parts but is most parts is actually getting worse so it is a big improvement that Chinese are still making the change. Ironically, the worse the pollution the more likely citizens are to wear masks, which prevent them from spitting as well.

Homeless people

Despite China’s massive population it has actually done a good job in improving the amount of homeless people found on the streets, particularly farmers or people from the countryside who move into the city to work. But when I say good, I mean that there are more jobs for the farmers in cities, which means they can get salaries and hence afford some type of living rather than showing up to the Shanghai train station and sleeping there until they find work. The government has also made efforts to provide more affordable housing for migrant workers as to prevent them from being homeless. However, one thing that hasn’t appeared to change is the fact that construction workers still live out of tents while working at one location to the next.

Attitude towards foreigners

Aside from the major cities, most Chinese are still surprised to run into foreigners and are bound to stare you down while they catch a glimpse of your hair and eye color. However, in the major cities foreigners are no longer treated the kind of preferential treatment they used to get. Foreigners used to be viewed as the people who has massive amounts of money and who definitely come from a stable environment with little worries. While there are probably some people who do fall under those conditions, nowadays Chinese are getting employed at similar jobs in China and in many cases are making more money in bigger cities as of 2013. I was of course happy to hear that many Chinese friends were making so much more money compared to 2006 but shocked that it was the same amount or even more than the foreigners who were once considered a prize possession. Like I said this is in bigger cities but that is where most of the foreigners are so the difference is obvious.

Standards of living

Overall, many Chinese have become concerned with their material lives now that they have better paying jobs. They strive to get the possessions that perhaps their parents did not have and believe they are progressing in their lives and society through purchasing power. However, Chinese are still very concerned with saving, especially for a house and car, and believe they still have financial obligations towards raising a family and supporting their elders, so pressure on the younger generation still exists.

Pushing and shoving

Not much difference, sorry to say.


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