Random observations about Chinese/Taiwanese

‘-Chinese prefer to back into parking spots and drive forward when leaving whereas Westerners typically drive forward into a parking spot and then back up when leaving.

-In Taiwan, big-size (500cc and above) cups are hard to find. Taiwanese think this is because they have too many stores selling drinks in large-size cups, making such cups more or less unwanted in the market. More so, Taiwanese believe that when sharing a liter of coke or whatever they do not need such big cups as both they and the drink will be stationary, whereas when they buy 500cc or 700cc drinks it is usually for when they are on the go.

-Vehicles in China and Taiwan typically cost twice as much as they do in places such as the US due to import taxes that range anywhere from 70-100%. That’s why when you tell a Chinese that a BMW can be bought at US$40,000 (US$80,000 in Taiwan and China minimum) they seem shocked, as that’s the equivalent of buying a Toyota for them.

-The concept of a house is really hard to describe to Chinese, as most people live in apartment buildings (with the exception of a few who built Western-style houses either in the outskirts of Taipei or in a smaller city).

-Taiwanese drive really fast and aggressive, especially on their scooters, and yet, when they walk, it is terribly slow. Are they driving really fast to get to a destination so that they have more time to walk?

-Chinese are very curious and do not mind lining up in long lines for purchasing goods.

-Chinese are used to walking really close to one another, often rubbing against you even if there is enough legroom. The solution? IF standing, stick one foot out so that they will walk around. Believe me, they see this which and almost inevitably walk around, which further indicates that they are used to walking close to one another.

-Chinese still think that foreigners are mostly rich and have a hard time comprehending that some people in the US despite having a car and house are actually able to do so despite having “low-end” jobs.

-Chinese in the North tend to prefer eating noodles while Chinese in the South tend to prefer eating rice.

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