Top Restaurants in Tainan – Recommended East from Locals

Tainan, called the “City of the food”, has countless delicious food. No matter the three main meals, late-night super, or even snacks, you can all find the best recommendation list on the internet. However, is every single one on the list that good? Now, let the editor take us to see if all the 16 trendy restaurants that you must eat!

Fuji Meatball

Talking about the “Fuji Meatball” in Taiwan, people will first think about the free bone soup in the restaurant, the sweet smooth soup, that goes well with the meatballs. Besides, the price is low. However, in the hot summer day in June, enjoy it outdoor might be a little bit too hot. If you want to eat this, you might want to prepare yourself for this!


Lily ‘s Fruit Store

The “Lily’s Fruit Store”, opened for over 60 years, the price is fair and low. The quantity given is generous too. Having a big bowl of iced fruit smoothies, this is what life should be!

Old house 1933

Attracted by the picture of the rice with lard, the “Old House 1933” has been collected into the must-eat list, which is also highly discussed food on the internet. The retro decoration has been favored by many people. However, the price here is a little bit expensive. The quantity is not as much as expected. You might think twice before coming.


Zong’s soybean milk

The breakfast restaurant “Zong’s soybean milk” has a ridiculous line, if you come here during the busy hour. No matter for the late-night super or breakfast, this is your best choice. The taste is not very special, which is similar to Yonghe soybean milk.

Yongle beef soup

Thinking about the food in Tainan, you must know “beef soup”. This is the most famous restaurants in Taiwan. It is said that the people here are mainly from Tainan. The meat in the beef soup is soft and fresh, without any smells. The soup is refreshing. It is the taste that you will fail in love immediately. The only problem is if you cannot get up in the morning, you won’t be able to taste this delicious food.

A’tang salty porridge

Want porridge for breakfast, it’s not rare. However, the salty porridge at, A’tang is a bowl that filled with fish meat, came large in quantity and full of nutrition. Even if you eat a lot, you can definitely get full. Same thing is if you cannot get up in the morning, you won’t be able to try the food.

Jingde spring roll

It is not easy to eat spring roll now, especially the good one! The Jingde Spring Roll is also the places that you need to wait in the line. The wrapped spring rolls will be fried with a little bit lard. When you eat it, the warm taste is mixed with a little bit scorch. The cabbage filled inside is very fresh and sweet. Because it is fried with lard, you might feel a little bit greasy after eating too many.

Fusheng Bowl Cake

In the Yongle market, the “Fusheng Bowl Cake” only sales two items – Bowl cake and fish soup. The low price and the rich fillings, with a little bit chili sauce, you will lose your soul. However, if you prefer something light, you might think this a little bit too greasy.

Genki Juice

The popular check-in location on IG – Genki Juice, has the popular element of gradients. It is highly discussed on the internet. According to the owner, the juice sold in the store has chemical or anti-corrosion substances. It is not bad to have one cup in the summer not just for being pretty. But if you don’t like to drink sweets, you might find the juice too sweet for you.

Wenzhang beef soup

The best part of the “Wenzhang beef soup” is its soup, and a bowl of rice or meaty rice. The opening hour is longer than most of the store. So, if you can’t get up early in the morning, it is good for you. No matter you eat it for breakfast or late-night super, you will feel quite satisfied.

Ye’s squid rice noodle

“Ye’s squid rice noodle” is the must-eat list in Tainan. Even though the price is a little bit expensive, however, the squid tastes soft. The soup is sweet and fresh. Plus, they have air condition in the store, so you don’t need to worry about sweating a lot in the summer.


Yami Donuts

The “Yami Donuts” does not only have many choices, but also the price is fair. The shape is different than normal donut. The skin is crispy, a lot of sugars sprinkled. However, in terms of taste, it is just normal donuts.

Brian Black Tea

Brian is known for black tea. The teas used in the store are all certified internationally. Even the fruit sugars are made in the store. No synthetic fructose is used. There are many types of teas. Have a cup of tea in the summer, it is super refreshing.

Chicken house

The “Chicken house” is always one of the famous lineup restaurants in Guohua Street. The thin skin and juicy, crispy outside, but soft inside. The price is relatively expensive, you might think more before purchasing.



Speaking of ice cream in Tainan, you must come to “Ninao”! Each day’s flavor is different. The taste is strong and delicious, only the price is a little bit high.

A’yu beef hot port

The legendary must-eat “A’yu beef hot pot” in Tainan. Not only the soup is good to drink, the meat quality is super fresh and soft. The owner says the beef can be ate after 3 second in the hot pot. There is free rice with meat. However, the location is little bit far way. If you come with a bunch of friend, this one you should eat it!

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