Chinese Connects Business Services

Chinese Connects is a leading US-based consulting firm offering Chinese translation and business consulting services. Established in 2012, the company has helped many small, medium and large size companies grow, expand and retain relationships with key customers throughout Asia.

Our solutions include Chinese translation, Chinese marketing solutions and business research to provide comprehensive solutions for you to succeed. Our unique combination of services gives you all the tools necessary to succeed in the China market.


Our Services


Chinese Translation Services

  • Simplified and traditional Chinese translation services
  • Access to a wide variety of specialized translators proficient in various sectors
  • English to Chinese and Chinese to English solutions






China and Taiwan Business Development

  • Supplier research
  • Sales support and representation
  • Customer retention



Chinese Online Marketing Solutions

  • Digital Ads in Chinese
  • SEO
  • Email marketing


How We Work

Chinese Connects follows a simple protocol with clients:

  1. Conduct initial discussions on identifying your goals.
  2. Determine best options for obtaining your goals, such as translation, business research, marketing or some type of combination.
  3. Once a method has been agreed upon and established, we begin getting familiarized with your company’s service or product. This is usually done via online or webinars with your company.
  4. Begin executing strategy and services.

To read more in depth about our services you can click on this link or visit this page to learn more about successful client stories.



How To Get Started

To begin initial discussions, please fill out the contact form listed on the contact page and provide as much details as possible. You may use either English or Chinese to communicate since our team is fluent in both languages. Should a conference call be needed, please provide your telephone number and availabilities.