Below are a few of our success stories with clients:





CHO is a Taiwan oil seals manufacturer and supplier. Chinese Connects was brought on board to perform customer retention and sales management with major clients in Portland and Chicago. We paid monthly visits to the clients, maintained weekly contact and helped negotiate multi-million dollar contracts with on their behalf.

Chinese Connects also performed Google Ads marketing based on specific keyword research to attract new leads. One in particular that was generated was led by our team starting from initial discussions and visits, all the way to accompanying them back to Taiwan facilities to negotiate contracts.







D-Link is network and surveillance provider that used Chinese Connects as a sales management service with several major customers. D-Link has benefited from increased sales and customer retention throughout the 5 years it has cooperated with us.



Lextar is a LED chip manufacturer that utilizes Chinese Connects for lead generation and customer lead follow up service. Lextar is a great example of having benefited from our local SEO and Google Ads service for promoting its products in the B2B sector.