We at Chinese Connects are committed to protecting the data collected from your organization. Your security is important to us and your information will be disclosed in the following ways as represented in this statement.

Collected Information

The information collected by Chinese Connects (Company) is used for communicating with Clients to fulfill their Projects as well as to notify them of special offers, newsletters, services offered by the Company.

Registered users under the Chinese Connects blog site are also subject to receiving email notifications about blog posts, special deals and other updates about the Company, as well as its blog.

In some cases, Client information needs to be transferred in emails to respective employees of the Company both in and out of the USA.

The Client is to provide the Company with enough relevant information as to allow the Company to fulfill the Project requirements accurately.

The Company requests the use of excerpts from the Project for public display online both on the Company website and blog for promotional and educational purposes. The Client can deny having its name listed in accordance with the excerpt, however.

If the Project done by the Company is publicly released by the Client through formats such as public websites or press releases etc., Chinese Connects holds the right to list the whole Project on its website and blog and how it went about translating the work.

Chinese Connects offers links to other sites and is not responsible for the way third parties use information. For more detailed information on how third parties use information, please visit their privacy policy pages.

How Chinese Connects uses the information

Chinese Connects uses excerpts of certain Projects to post on the Company’s website for existing or potential clients to view as a means of assessing the Company’s services.

Certain excerpts are also placed on the Company’s blog for educational purposes such as teaching audiences how to learn Chinese translation. In no way will the Company use the information for slandering the Client, but the Company is not responsible for comments and allegations made by third parties.

The excerpts provided by the Client are to be sent out in certain newsletters as a means for allowing audiences to view the Company’s services as well as Chinese Connects blog’s educational tools regarded to Chinese translation.

Chinese Connects maintains a database of customers as well as blog users that can request to not receive blog posts, notifications, special deals and other announcements made by the Company.

The Client can deny to have any of its work posted on the Company’s website or blog until the Project information is released publicly. In the event that a Project is completely confidential, the Company will not release any of the Project’s details on its website or blog, but will need a written agreement from the Client.

Collection of information by third parties

Chinese Connects does not reveal the Client’s Project information to third parties unless approval is received from the Client in a written format. However, in the event the Company faces legal issues in conjunction with the Client or if the Company needs to show records of its Client base for legal purposes, Client information will be disclosed to attorneys for review.

Chinese Connects may disclose statistics about its revenues, website and blog traffic, as well as Client base to provide information to prospective partners, advertisers and other third parties. No details about Client Projects will be issued unless for lawful purposes.

The Company protects Clients’ information through a secure database.

Information about Chinese Connects services

Pricing, contracts, website information and all other relevant information about the Company should contact [email protected].

For more info on how to register or deregister from the Company’s blog, please contact [email protected]