1. Definitions

In the following terms of business, “the Company” means the website ChineseConnects.com. “The Client” mean visitors and / or customers of the website.

Project refers to material the Company has to translate, compose or transcribe from the Client.

2. Copyright

The Client warrants to the Company authority to work on the Project and that the Project material by the Company will not result in the infringement of any existing copyright. The Client agrees to indemnify and save harmless the Company against any claim, action, loss or damage incurred by the Company as a result of any breach of this warranty.

3. Confidentiality

The Company regards all Projects with the Client as confidential and shall never disclose full Projects to a third party without the written consent of the Client. However, the Company requests permission to use excerpts from the Client’s Project for marketing purposes unless specified in writing by the Client.

4. Cancellation

If the Client requests to cancel the Project while it is being performed, the Client will pay a cancellation fee of US$100 plus compensation to the agreed rate to the Company for the work already performed. The cancellation fee is to be issued within 10 calendar days upon the date of the Client and Company’s signed cancellation.

If the Client requests to take away parts of the Project, it is allowed to do so within 3 calendar days and the Company will be responsible for reimbursing the amount of payment associated. The Client can take away up to 30% of a Project within the calendar period to receive reimbursement.

5. Liability of the Company

In the event of the Client not being satisfied with the Project outcome, the Company is liable for making corrections to mistakes. Notification of issues in the Project must be filed with the Company no later than 20 calendar days from the day of delivery by the Company and no claim should be considered after this date unless specified in writing between the two parties.

Upon the Company re-issuing the revised Project based on the agreed date by the two parties, the Client has an additional 10 calendar days to review the adjustments made to the Project.

If, however, the Client adds new material to the Project, the Company holds the right to charge the same rates to the Client as written in the contract.

The Company is not responsible for alterations made to its work by other persons.

6. Payment

The Company is to receive payment on the agreed Project starting date via wire transfer to the Company’s bank account.

All wire transfer fees and other charges incurred in remitting payment (including intermediary and correspondent bank charges) are payable by the Client. The Company reserves the right to invoice the Client for any bank charges deducted from the payment.

7. Credit Control

The Company only accepts Projects valued at US$50 and above.

All payments are to be paid as of the first day of the agreed Project starting time.

8. Client Acceptance

All translations commissioned by the Client imply the Client’s full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.