Enjoy Kaohsiung with $1.5 dollars

Taiwan’s southern city of Kaohsiung is actively promoting its tourism industry: now it has launched the unlimited travel plan in Kaohsiung with a price of 1.5 dollar. Whether the five creative industry parks or the four lines of Kaohsiung Cultural Tour Buses, you can enjoy them thoroughly with 1.5-dollar ticket. Additionally, the official Facebook page of Kaohsiung Travel even holds lottery activity, and everyone is encouraged to participate.

It’s not a dream to experience Kaohsiung with 1.5 dollars. Tourists can take advantage of “One-day pass (unlimited rides)” discount, so they can take as many times as they like in one day with the four Cultural Tour Buses: Hamasen Culture Bus, Old City Culture Bus, Fongshan Holiday Culture Bus and Tourist Shuttle Kaohsiung City Dashu Route. Additionally, with the one day pass, tourists can take free rides on city buses, when making the transfer. Also, the Tourist Bureau of Kaohsiung has partnered up with travel agents and launched the group tour of “1.5 Dollar Factory Visiting”. You can choose any of the factories located in the creative parks, including the Castle of Golden Pineapple, the Soya-Mixed Meat Museum, Zhenfang Mullet Tourism Factory, Puhu Taiwan Shoes Factory Tours, Red Barn Factory & Tours and others.

The head of Tourism Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government, Hsu Chuan-Sheng said there will be five more consecutive holidays this year. He suggested that people who would like to take a family trip should consider Factory Tour Trip, which is gaining more and more popularity recently. A lot of the local businesses in Kaohsiung is moving toward a diversified business mode and setting up their distinctive factories, which is also the highlight of a newly emerged tourism industry. The Castle of Golden Pineapple, opened last year, has a very fairy-tale and romantic appearance and offers the opportunity to DIY you own pineapple pastry. At Red Barn Factory & Tour, you can make you own super grain drinks. All these activities are appropriate for children to experience.

With the tour of “1.5 Dollar Factory Visiting”, which only costs 1.5 dollars, you can pick up any one of the factories in the Creative Industries Park. The ticket fee including admission, transportation, professional guide services, and insurance (DIY experience and dining are not included). The minimum number for the group is 16 people.

The “One-day pass for Cultural Tour Buses” discount will continue until the end of this year. The one-day pass costs 1.5 dollar, purchased onboard. You can take the 4 lines unlimited time within the day and ride the buses in the city for free, which is consisted with the concept of green traveling. Passengers take the bus can get a deeper understanding of Kaohsiung and enjoy every part of the city by the tour guide provided on the bus.

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