Man travels through 368 towns and counties in Taiwan for 6 years

The crowded subway station, or the busy street, which is the daily life we use to. In other people’s eyes, it is the beautiful scene of their hometown. The photographer Chen Yanyu, 22 years old, has planned to use 6 years to conduct a “photo shooting plan in 368 towns and counties”. Through his lens, it recorded the different details of the scenery in Taiwan. People that has seen his work are surprised that my hometown is so beautiful.

Chen Yanyu says, because he was just facing the downside of this life when he had the idea of the “photo shooting plan in 368 towns and counties”. He is suspended from the university, broke up with his girlfriend. He has spent a while feel nothing about himself, can’t find goal and then he started to think about life: “what can make you never give up?”. Finally, he has decided to start with something he like to do. So, he started his own journey with his sister’s old camera.

On the trip, Chen Yanyu has been moved by the views he saw. And because he was born in Miaoli, he like to feel the wind blowing in the Longfeng Fish Harbor, watching the scene the most. In order to keep the inspirations he get from the scenes, he start to learn photographing, hoping to record different views in the different corners. So, every time he sees the picture, he will be reminded of the feeling he had when he took the picture. He hopes to use the power of his pictures to affect other people.

“Some people likes portraits, some like landscapes, but no matter which one, it is not accepted by everyone. Therefore, I have decided to shoot pictures of everyone’s hometown”. Chen Yanyu says the photo shooting plan in 368 towns and counties is in fact a big traveling plan of the whole island. The plan is estimated to finish in 6 years. He has now traveled over 100 towns and counties. His current occupation is soldier, once he has vacation, he will drive his motorcycle around the island to take photos. Sometimes, he will shoot the certain themes, such as the bloomsome season of lily, galaxy and others. The main idea is still to show the audience the more beauty of Taiwan through his lens.

However, there is certain difficulty with this plan. Chen Yanyu says there are total 368 towns and counties in Taiwan. The Wuqiu town in Kinmen is the military base, which is not open to the public, yet. He hopes that in the future he can apply to enter the island to complete the mission of photo shooting.

How important is photograph to Chen Yanyu? “it changed my life” says Chen Yuyan. He uses to be pessimistic. He is not very close with family. Ever since he starts to shoot photo, he has goal for his life. He reads a lot of the book on photograph. Many views on photograph has given him positive energy and let him change. In order to save money for better equipment, he signed for the Marine Corps volunteer service. With stable job and no longer pessimistic, he has also improved his relationship with his family.

“I also want to thank the officers and colleagues in the military, thanks for their support.” Chen Yanyu says because of the supports from the officer, they even coordinate schedule that allow Chen to participate in the competition, and his plan. He really feels appreciated.

Many people might wonder where the fund comes from to support his plan of traveling all the island. Chen Yanyu says, each time it takes around 6 days, with an average of 3000-yuan expense. Because he travels with bike, plus he has friends and family in north, middle, south and east parts of the island, sometimes he will spend time in friends’ home, or backpacking. He doesn’t mind about the food. Therefore, the expense is not very much.

2016 is almost ending now. Chen Yanyu hope to complete the shooting of the 18 towns in Miaoli before the end of the year. He hopes he can open his own exhibition and he can continue his dream.

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