A’ershan Forest National Park in China – Must See Inner Mongolia

A’ershan Forest National Park in China – Must See Inner Mongolia

  1. Dujuan Lake – white snows and red flowers face each other

There is mountain in the lake. There is cave in the mountain. There is spring in the cave. The combination of mountain, water, spring, forest, flower, cave, bird, and animal is the biggest features of Dujuan Lake.

  1. Tuofengling Pool of Heaven – the most beautiful eye of the earth

The Pool of Heaven in Tuofengling looks like the left foot of human. It seems like a blue gem in the mountain. The breathtaking beauty is hard to compare.

  1. Wusu Langzi Lake – the heaven for the photographer

This lake is the heaven for photographers. Here always has a layer of fogs.

The fog travels between the mountains, like the spread ink of the painters. The fog is pretty because of the lake, the lake is foggy because of the fog. Just like the feeling tourists have towards the lake.

  1. Songye Lake – the sky and the lake in the same color

The pretty Songye Lake looks like a moon hanging on the earth.

Each autumn, the leaves fall into the lake, decorated the lake and make the whole picture even more beautiful. The smell of the trees is spreading in the air, making it refreshing.

  1. Luming Lake

Because there are deer appearing around sometime, it is called Luming Lake (roar of the deer). It is a lake that very suitable for traveling with friend.

Boating in the lake, writing a poem with friend, how nice is this.

  1. The pool of heaven in A’ershan – Public bathing for the fairies

It is told that the pool of heaven in A’ershan is for the fairies to take bath. That’s why it is impossible to measure the depth of the lake, and it maintained its clarity all year. It looks like a blue gem in the middle of the mountain.

  1. Halaha Lake – nature boundary

It is a natural national boundary, dividing China and Mongolia. It looks like a pretty shape, such as a blue ribbon, flying on the earth.

  1. The spring in A’ershan – “Holy water”

Each winter, when all the places in the country are cold. The spring in A’ershan is still hot and steamy. It is told the spring here once cured the disease of the emperor. Late, visitors keep coming here.

The beauty of A’ershan is the canyon

  1. Santan canyon – “the glacier in the summer”

There are three lakes in the canyon, that’s why it is called Santan (Three lakes) canyon. There are many trails in the lakeside. Between the three lakes, there are many curved trails. There is one section in the canyon has glacier in June and July, that’s why it is called the glacier in the summer.

  1. Chaiheyuan Canyon – weird stones all over the place

There are weird stones, waterfall, and other wonders in the canyon. The wild plants and animals are widely distributed in the both side of the canyon. The river runs through the bottom of the canyon. Some part is fast, some part is slow. The whole view is breathtaking.

The beauty of the A’ershan is the endless grassland

  1. 7 Fairies’ Lake Grassland – “treasure of the north region”

On the wide grassland, there are 7 lakes, looking like the pearls, connected to each other. It looks prettier with the green grass in the background. There is also how the name came. There are many touching stories in this land that have attracted a lot of tourists.

A’ershan is definitely a heaven that combines natural lake, volcano, glacier, grassland, spring, forest and adventure.

The beauty of A’ershan, you only get to know it when you go.

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