Taipei All you can eat at Fullon Hotel for NT$699

“All you can eat” has always been favored by the people in Taiwan. Most of the buffet at the famous five stars restaurants are normally above NT$1,500. Even though people will normally get full, but your wallet is going to shrink a lot. The Fullon Hotel in Taipei has currently renovated and now is giving back to customer. It has announced today (June 8th) that starting from June 12th (Monday), the five-star level all you can eat will cost only $699 on weekends and weekdays for the best value.

The hotel manager Pan Fengtian at Fullon Hotel says that the Garden Café has been renovated, re-planned for about half year. Normally, the price will increase “as custom”. However, the Hotel promotes the single 699 price for adults on weekends and weekday. The Chef Aji is invited at the hotel, hoping to empress customers with the freshest food and the best service.

Chef Aji says, “Even though the price is low, but the profit is not going to make from using lower quality food. Fullon Hotel works to give the profit back to the customer. With the five-star level sincerity, the hotel works the best to let customer have the best value”. The basic dishes at the buffet are freshly made grilled steak, sashimi, cold seafood combo, and everything you want. “Fresh, nutrition and health” is the restaurant’s theme. The hotel aims to present the sweetness of every flavor with the simplest “original” cuisine.

Additionally, from Monday to Friday during June 12 to July 11, the adult dines in the restaurant will get free “Stewed chicken soup”. There is also promotion for two people, which will enjoy a 15% discount. Or 25% discount for four people. No matter which day you come, if you spend NT$ 2,000, and pay an extra NT$100, you can get “Chef Aji’s dry shellfish sauce” and other discounts too.

Details on the discount, please call the Garden Restaurant of Fullon Hotel at 02-2701-9266#320.

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