Blind Tours” Gaining Popularity in Taipei

Summer vacation is here. Let’s plan a small trip with friends and families. The hardest part in traveling is the planning phase. Eslite bookstore worked with the newly emerged traveling platform – Blind Tour, combining the frequent searched key word – stationary and tour, creating 3 styled one day tour in Taipei: writing, collection, picture. The tour plan is not released before the tour, inviting the participants to empty their minds and have a tour without plan.

“Eslite Tourism Festive”

What’s more, Eslite worked with the creative accommodation solution – Adagio, providing readers their special discount. Take the chance before end of August. Additionally, the readers in South Taiwan can visit the anniversary celebration at the Bo’er location, enjoy the traditional skills performance – Sanhe Tile kiln and experience the fun of bricklaying.

The packed tour with too much details will make people lost their interests, without plan, it is hard for people to have fun completely. The planned trip by Eslite and Blind Tour provides not only the lunch, afternoon tea, but also a featured styled “Blind tour pack”, which include the stationary with the value of 600 yuan. For example, Kokuyo Level Book, ultra-thin recycle stainless steel stationary set, Tombow Mini 12 colors pencils, and others. Different tours will receive different surprise stationary. During the tour, you complete the designated mission with the stationary, creating unforgettable memories while having fun.

Want to get away from the noise in the city and enjoy the comfortableness while living in slow pace? The Bo’er store of Eslite Bookstore planned the special exhibition of “traditional kiln industry and new art of tiles”. It invites the kiln factory with a hundred years of history – Sanhe Tile Kiln, asking them to perform the traditional skills and memories that are passed by each generation. The mini bricklaying experience will be hosted, inviting the readers to enjoy the fun of bricklaying.

Additionally, Eslite bookstore has worked with the accommodation solution – Adagio, decorating its stores in Taipei Ximen, Taichung Dayuanbai, Gaoxiong, Dayuanbai with the theme. It also made four types of postcards with the picture of the Adagio. Readers can send out the postcards at the scene to themselves or invite their family or friends to go with them. So, they can enjoy the discount. Go to Adagio’s space in Hualian, Jingua or Hokkaido in Japan, you can select the incense or book service in order to customize the accommodation experience. Experience the great fun of traveling with your five senses.

Eslite Tourism Festival has carefully selected 3,000 outdoor tour accessories. And it has specially planed “Beer taste festive”, selling more than hundred Taiwan brewed beers and snacks for the beer. To register for the “blind tour” please go to the official website. To register for the bricklaying experience please consult the staffs at the Bo’er store. Take the chance in the summer vacation, using delicious food and great views to leave you great memories of the summer in 2017.

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