6 Must-Have Travel Apps

Now the preparation and the way of traveling for tourists before leaving have changed greatly. The traveling search engine skyscanner.com.tw listed in Taiwan has listed 6 must-have travel apps, so tourists can keep abreast of the first-hand information.

  1. Skyscanner Flight App: Choosing the appropriate flight ticket the first priority when you decide to travel abroad. Skyscanner Flight App can gather the information from hundreds of airline companies globally in a few second and provide users all the options for them to choose.

Because the flight prices fluctuate frequently, Skyscanner Flight App uses bar chart to show the fare, which makes it easier to compare price. Additionally, the “filtering criteria” gives users customized choices, such as “transferring time”, “airline companies” and other options make the booking process clear.

In order to help users understand clearer about the change of the ticket price, Skyscanner also integrated the “Notification for price change” function into the App. In this way, users just need to do simple set up in the app. They can know the changes in fares anytime.

  1. Foursquare: After booking the flight tickets, tourists can take advantage of the Foursquare to search for the most worthy visiting places in the local and in-depth experience of the local culture. Foursquare utilize the “User generated content”. It sorts out the recommendations from the user, and lists the most popular restaurants, cafes, shopping, nightlife, and other must go places based on the evaluation.
  2. Evernote: Once you have collected all the information, you can put the scattered trip plan organize into the digital notebook Evernote. The clearly designed interface of Evernote, accompanied with various note editing services, which enable the users to operate and record contents freely. If you want to make travel plans with your traveling partners, you can utilize the sharing function to make discussion and arrange the most ideal traveling plan for yourself.

You can synchronize the notes to all the mobile devices through the cloud services provided on Evernote. So tourists can continue editing traveling plan conveniently.

  1. Maps.me: When people are in places that they are unfamiliar with, maps are the most indispensable tools for tourists. Maps.me is an offline map App. Tourists only need to download the local map ahead of time. Then you can use the navigation to find the fastest route without Wi-Fi or mobile networks.
  2. Google translator: Google translator is the must have saver. In addition to the basic text input and voice input, Google Translation App has added “Picture Translation”. You can take a picture from your phone camera to conduct image recognition. Then the app translates the words in the image to the language chosen by the users.

When you are aboard, no matter it’s a restaurant menu, road signs or attractions brochures, travelers do not need to feel helpless about the language barriers.

  1. InstaMag: The emerging of the social media has made photo taking the most indispensable habit of the modern people. The biggest feature of InstaMag is providing various photo templates, so tourists can design exotic pictures with story.
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