Thoughts on Traveling around the island of Taiwan

Once the White Dew is passed, the weather is getting cooler. The best season for the whole family to get out has come again. Even though the holidays are coming one after another, the recent holiday for the summit, mid-autumn festival, national day, who would feel that the holiday is too much? Since the sun is perfect, the breeze is not too big, why not take “EasyCard” with you to take the trip.

Even though Taiwan is not very big, if you experience the Taiwan bit by bit, every inch of the land on the island, from city to the countryside, from mountain to canyon, from the stores on the street, or to the busy market, each their own unique customs.

This autumn, we will spend 8 days with you, walking you through the streets and alleys in Taiwan, experience authentic local customs. Here, you can hold your coffee and lose yourself on the wide street. You can search the delicious food in the famous night market, or you might be able to encounter the pretty Alishan girls.

Taipei National Palace Museum is an architecture that imitate the traditional Chinese palace. The white wall and the green tiles, the plum-shaped court, making the whole building elegant, and full of ethnic characteristics. The museum that built in 1965 has approximately 700 thousand pieces of collection from Song dynasty to Qing dynasty, which is owned by the emperors. It covers the 5000 years of history of China. It has great value to the research and the preservation of this Chinese art and culture.

The Sun Moon Lake is known as the “Pool in the heaven”, which is also the biggest natural freshwater lake in Taiwan. It is bounded by the Guanghua island, the north part of the lake looks like a full moon, the south part of the island looks like the half of the moon. This is how the name of the lake comes from. The lake is surrounded by the mountain, the wide surface of the lake, every season of the year, every day and night, the view is different in the lake. The Sun Moon Lake has attracted people all around the world to go to visit its charming view every year.

Talking about the night market in Taiwan, the food lover must be swallowing your saliva. In the evening, the lights are up, the stores, food stands are everywhere. Oyster omelet, oyster noodles, all kinds of stinky tofu, as well as the big sausage…

Besides the authentic snacks, the most famous specialty in Taiwan is the pineapple cake and the sun cake. Since you are here in Taiwan, you should not go back with empty hands. The day on the returning, we will leave some free time for you to shop for the presents you want to give your friends and relatives. Or you can shop at the global duty-free shops. Girls wouldn’t want to miss such a good thing.

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