Art Revolution Taipei 2016 launched on April 22nd

The Art Revolution Taipei is walking towards its six years. Since the first blockbuster, every year it will lead the trend and make people amazed in art. Not only does the trend started in Taiwan but also expanded to Asia. What’s more, it has now influenced the World. The art director Prof. Li Shandan says the Art Revolution Taipei is only trying to do one thing – widen the connection between the art world and Taiwan. The works from the artists all over the world and their touching artworks make time beautiful in Taiwan this time each year.

The 2016 exhibition will be held at Taipei World Trade Center – Exhibition Hall 3 on April 22nd. The art director Li Shandan will treat the show as an artwork. “The artists will show their best artworks, and the exhibition will present the best show.” This is his idea and persistence. Under carefully art director, the theme of this exhibition “Life elegance”. There will be 11 big show areas: planning area, international modern art, New York Modern Art Foundation, International Artists Salon Show, Chinese Modern Art, Taiwan Modern Art, New Ink, Image of the art enterprises, International Artistic Competition, Cultural Creative Art and Arts of Compassion. There will be 315 artists from 47 countries. 3,000 pieces of works based on multi-medium, art forms and rich in local characteristics, will present the life pulse of art creation. Also, it will show the different aspects of modern art.

In response to the exhibition them “Life elegance”, art director Li Shandan combined the 3C technology and the global stock and foreign exchange market picture, based on the structure of dinosaur, he creates a completely new concept of installation art. Additionally, the 11 big show areas will have their own highlights.

The exhibition planning areas are divided into three parts to present “Women in Art Creating”, “Infinite possibility of portraits” and “European vs. Asian Modern Art”. It specially launched the artist Li Shandan’s work of “millions of years fossil and contemporary sculpturing combination” concept, using Pistosaurus, Mosasauridae, Ichthyosauria, and super fancy Ammonite, Fossil wood and other rare fossil materials. The work of “Control the universe/Levy world” is called by the artists as the “Dragon Ball Hidden in Belly”, in which the Pistosaurus can only be seen here. “Control the universe/fearlessness” used the head bone of giant Mosasauridae, also making people feel amazed. Women in Art Creating presents the characteristics and potential of female Taiwan artists. For example, three women creation group Ma Xingling’s newest work “Iron Lady Series”, which have added the former British Prime Minister Ms. Thatcher’s personal collections, such as agate stone instrument to honor her style and spirit.

The most notable Charity Bazaar “Art of Compassion”, where the artworks were sold out in a second. The organizer has invited hundreds of famous artists to design the artworks. All the income from the auctions will be given to the Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation to serve people who have suffered from the burn injury. The celebrities that will join the Charity Bazaar including: the 14th President of Taiwan – Cai Ying-wen, Xinbei City Deputy Mayor Hou YU, Former Kaohsiung Mayor Hsieh Changting, Fubon Financial Chairman Daniel M. Tsai and his wife, Thai Industrial Chairman Su Yizhong, Nobel Prize Winner Lee Yuan-tse, Science and Technology Minister Xu Jue-min, Taiwan Comprehensive Research Institute Huang Huizheng, Allianz Investment Trust Chairman Xu Qingyun, Chairman of Popular Securities Chen Daotian, Eastern Housing Chairmean Wang Yingjie, PChome Chairman Zhan Hongzhi, the Sunshine Foundation Chairman Ma Haixia, Taiwan tennis star player Lu Yanxun, Chess player Zhang Yu, “Red-faced” chess king Zhou Junxun, Lin Zhilin, Jolin Cai, Xiao Jinteng, SHE, Chen Bolin, Huang Zijiao, Meng Gengru, Liang Jingru, Dai Peini, Guangliang and other outstanding person in difference industry.

The Art Revolution Taiwan not only let the artists present their best show, the exhibition but also want to be the best show itself. How to make the exhibition show the best? Besides the participated artists and their artworks, every collector who comes to visit the show is also the creator of the exhibition. The Art Revolution Taipei will be opening soon. The organizer invites every art lover to experience the “Life” of the artists through every spectacular artwork. With the interaction with artists and participation, it will present a “best” art exhibition together.

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