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Taipei, in many people’s expression, has become the byword of the new generation hipster, who is energetic and simple. This maybe because of how Taipei was portrayed in the multi-faceted film and television shows. The artistic campus, baby voices, quiet Eslite bookstore, the night market you can go with your lover, the subway lead to all the direction… Simple, culture, beauty, are the mainstream atmosphere, which is the charm of Taipei.

There are many historical and cultural attractions in Taipei, such as National Palace Museum, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Jiufeng; and also some shocking natural scenes, such as National Park, Yehliu Geopark. Additionally, there are busy night market to let your experience the life and rhythm of the city.

Then, what can you do in the summer here in Taipei? Let’s have an energetic and simple trip.

Yangming Mountain – Hydrangea macrophylla

Yangming Mountain: catch the tail of the hydrangea macrophylla

Yangming Mountain the biggest country park in Taipei, where is the top choice for people in Taipei to hike. Because the temperature of Taipei in summer is very high, but the temperature in the Yangming Mountain is not, which is suitable for getting away from the summer. The size of the park is very large, which is consisted by Bamboo Lake, Seven-star Mountain, Cold Water Pit, Qingtiangang, Yangming Book house and others.

Bamboo Lake is one of the famous attraction in Yangming Mountain. Because there are flowers planted everywhere, so each season has different feeling. In the summer, you can see the cherry blossoms. From March to May is the season for calla lilies. Visitors can collect flowers in the field by themselves. The price of flower is very cheap. One calla lilies costs only 10 NT yuan (approximately 2 RMB). There are specialized staffs here to pack for you.

From June to now, it is the heaven of hydrangea macrophylla. Purple, white, blue and different colors make the bamboo late a colorful garden. You have to grab the last chance of florescence. Because slowly, the hydrangea macrophylla will start to fade. The Chinese silvergrass will wave with the wind. The Yangming Mountain will welcome its autumn.

While on your way searching for the garden, you can walk through forest trails. The wild flowers on the side of the roads are blooming. Various trails are hidden inside different styles garden, creating a romantic atmosphere in the forests. It is suitable for shooting photos. Each road has sign, such as the sign of how many miles to the top of the mountain, simple and straightforward. If you are lucky, you can even see the rainbow in the mountain. In the night, you can see the fireflies flying in the sky. This will be the surprise in the trip.

Tips: The Yangming Mountain is close to Taipei National Museum, the Shilin Main Presidential Residence, the Ling Yutang House and other attractions that you can visit at the same time. Taking metro Danshui-Xinyi line and getting off at Jiantan station, transfer bus line 1717, then get off at the second stop. Next, you can take the shuttle bus at the park, you can arrive at each attraction in the park.

Yehliu GeoPark – Queen’s Head

Taking photo with “Queen’s Head” in Yehliu GeoPark

The Yehliu Georpark is located in Yehliu Village, Wanli County, Taipei, which is worth visiting. Thanks to the high temperature, dry air, and also the effects of marine abrasion and weathering, here it has formed geographic wonders such as mushroom stone, candle stone, ginger stone, pot hole, checkerboard stone, sea caves and others.

The most famous stones in the park is the “Queen’s head”. The side of the stone looks like a queen wearing a crown, which looks very elegant. If you have come to the Yehliu GeoPark, you should not miss the chance to take photo with queen’s head. Because there are many visitors who want to take photos, therefore, visitors need to wait in the line. The staffs at the scene can assist taking photo with the visitors.

Besides queen’s head, the witty princes, Tofu stone, fairy’s shoe, diamond stone and others are all very interesting and worth seeing. In the park, there is a pass taking you to a small mountain. On the mountain, there is a pavilion on the hill. Standing on the pavilion you can oversee the whole Yehliu GeoPark: the stones under, guests, seas, boats on the sea. It is a perfect platform to have a great view.

Tips: there is a small market near the attraction, where you can buy dry fish, specialties and souvenirs. Yehliu Geopark is hot and dry. It is best to wear a hat and have some sun cream on to protect your skin from the sun. Of course, it is better to have colorful clothing on you if you like to take picture. Here, it will become the natural background.

Fort San Domingo

  • A nostalgic flavor

Danshui is not far away from Taipei City. Its beautiful scenery is one of the eight wonders in Taiwan. It is also known as the “oriental Venice”. Danshui is close to sea, having Danshui river, Danshui harbor, and a slightly sea wind.

The Fort San Domingo is located in Danshui, next to the Aletheia University. It is built in 1628 by Spanish people. Later, it was rented by British people in a long term contract. It took several years to take it back. It is one of the buildings with the longest history in Taiwan. The whole Fort San Domingo is red brick building. It is elegant and traditional. The interior of the house is displayed based on the original decoration of the old consul home. The outside has a row of cannon, giving a strong sense of history. The house is surrounded by green grass. The atmosphere is quiet.

Next to the Fort San Domingo is the Aletheia University. The university’s buildings are mainly made of red brick, which is very special. The campus is not big but very exquisite. Danjiang Middle School is only one block away from the Aletheia University. They have the similar architecture styles. Jay Chou has made the two schools look very classic in his movie the Secret.

In many Taiwan’s movies, the romantic scene in the sunset is the Fisherman’s Wharf in Danshui. The Fort San Domingo is very close to Fisherman’s Wharf. After visiting the Fort San Domingo, you can also watch the sunset at the Fisherman’s Wharf. After the sun goes down, you can visit the stores in the old street of Danshui, or choose a romantic and featured restaurant to have dinner. Listening to a couple of songs and feel the atmosphere in Danshui.

Tips: once you get to the Fort San Domingo, you can take the metro Danshui – Xinyi line and get off at the Danshui station. You can take the bus out of the station and go to Fort San Domingo and Fisherman’s Wharf directly.

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