Famous Attractions in Sanya Visited by Locals

Come to travel to Sanya, you still visit the “overly popular” attraction? Don’t go! On the way of traveling, the single-plank bridge is better than the boulevard that are filled with people. If you want to enjoy the most beautiful views by yourself, then, please take this travel guide!

These attractions in Sanya, not famous but very pretty, glad it’s not popular!

  1. Niuche Bay

Address: Haitang, Sanya, Hainan, China

Compare to the Sanya Bay, Yalong Bay, these popular island, the cost of Niuche Bay is low with not much pollution. It is even more quiet. The blue sky, and sea, make the island even more pretty. The water quality is clear with a lot of coral reefs and fishes. IT is very suitable for diving.

  1. Coconut Island

Address: Intersect of east and west rivers, Haitang Bay Village, Sanya

Coconut Island is national coast – a island among Haitang Bay that hasn’t been developed yet. Green mountain, blue and clear river, the silver sandy beach has formed a beautiful picture. Walking in the coconut trees, there is only green in front of you. No matter what is in your mind, when you are in the green world, all others will be left behind.

  1. Jinmu Corner

Address: inside the Anyou Village, Sanya

Jinmu Corner is the military territorial based in the most south part of China, which is the true representation of the “ends of the earth”. Here is rarely any human trace. The view is very original. When you look away, the sky and the see are the same color. Everything looks like poem and painting, making people want to go there. Here has the lighthouse that is in the most south part of China – Jinmu lighthouse.

  1. Tenghai Fish Village

Address: Tenghai Fish Village, Haitang Bay, Sanya, Hainan

The Tenghai Fish Village that is purer than the Wuzhizhou. There are only 2,000 people in the village. Each generation is relied on the sea. Now, it has developed into tourism area. There are not many people here. Thus, very suitable for vacation. Looking at the busy residents, is there a moment that you want to stay here.

  1. Little East China Sea

Address: Inside Luhuihou Development District, Yuya Blvd, Jiyang District, Sanya

Sanya Little East China Sea is the good attraction that is hidden. Even though it is as big as the big East China Sea, but it is more refined, from the giant stone, to the elegant egrets. You can feel most of the atmosphere of the nature. There are rich and pretty coral reef and tropical fish on the bottom of the sea, suitable for travelers that like quiet.

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