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Chinese Connects would be a perfect fit for businesses in Austin. Austin, Texas has a lot of different career fields we specialize. This is what makes us stand out from other translation services. The growing Chinese population in the city has been causing us to be more in demand. Different local businesses in Austin have to be able to adapt to the growth of the Chinese population. They also have to be able to adapt to the state of Texas and China collaborating more.

Austin’s economy is becoming more reliant on China. The more reliant the economy becomes on China, the more we will be needed to fit the needs of the Chinese population. Currently the Chinese represent 1.2% of the population in Austin. Last year in July NBC News reported that there has been an increase of Chinese investors in Texas. More than likely the amount of Chinese investors in the state will continue to increase. This will lead to the Chinese population growing even more than it already has.

Housing is one of the ways we can be used in the city of Austin. NBC reported that the Chinese are now the biggest foreign buyers of American real estate. Texas is one of the states that has been seeing a large amount of Chinese buyers. The reason why this has been occurring is because Texas has been having more affordable housing. Another reason is because of the recent stock market crash in China last year. A real estate agent in Houston stated that she has seen a 30% increase in Chinese clients within the past year. Real estate agents in Austin will need us in order to communicate will their clients who speak Chinese. This will only help them, not hurt them. We can help their business gain more attraction. Our service will be able to help them to gain even more Chinese buyers. If their communication system is not able to fit the needs for the growing population, they will lose support. Losing a lot of support could potentially cause them to have to close. We do not want this to occur.

Our service wants to help make communication better between English speakers and Chinese speakers in Austin. Making the communication better would be such a big benefit to Austin. Especially since Texas has been collaborating with China a lot. China and Texas plans to keep collaborating a lot. The increase of partnering will lead to more Chinese businesses being developed in Austin. We will be able to benefit current local Chinese businesses and future ones.

Being able to communicate well with the Chinese population will help the economy to continue to do well. As a translation service we understand how crucial it is for businesses to have a good communication system and how this can play a role in how an economy performs. Since we are communication tool, it would not make any sense for businesses to not want to use us to improve their communication system.

Another crucial aspect to think about is how there will be an increase of workers from China being sent to work in Austin through using a visa. Not only would we be needed for residents, but we will also be needed for employment teams at local businesses. Communication cannot just be performed well towards clients, customers, or patients, but it also has to be well within the employment team. Employment teams must be able to understand each other thoroughly and well. If the communication is not well between employees then the business could fail. We want the employees within the same team to be able to work together well. In the future there will be more interactions between Chinese speakers and English speakers. This is why it is definitely best for us to start being used as soon as possible. The sooner the better for the city of Austin. Since the city is the capitol of Texas, it receives a lot more attraction than other cities located in the state. This is another reason why businesses in Austin should use our translation service when needed to. Foreigners have the tendency to rather live in a city that is well known than in ones that are not. This is another eye opener to think about.

The society in Austin is changing. Businesses have to adapt to the change in order to survive. The longer they wait to use us, the harder it will be for them to fit the needs of the Chinese population. At some point sooner than later, businesses will more than likely be forced into having to use a strong Chinese translation service. The reason is because of changes the world is currently going through due to China’s market opening more. This has led to an increase of the Chinese language being spoken more in Austin and in different parts of the United States.

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