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Baltimore is a city that is in such of a need for businesses and economic boosts. Their economy has been struggling in these recent years. One of the ways businesses can perform better in the city is by having a better communication system. Our translation service called Chinese Connects can help businesses perform better. We would be able to help businesses gain more support and will be able to make the communication better between China and Baltimore. The city of Baltimore has had higher crime rate than a lot of other cities. Lack of job opportunities has been a major cause of this.

Studies have shown that cities who do not have a lot of job opportunities will typically have a higher crime rate than the ones who do. Baltimore is in need of more businesses. We want to help the city of Baltimore. Communication is one of the most important tools for businesses to have. The communication has to be well towards consumers and it has to be well within the employment team.

Last year many residents in the city of Baltimore were angry about the death of Freddy Gray. He died while being transported in a police van. Many people even now still believe that his death was suspicious. After his death, many residents have expressed anger about the current economy in the city. According to, this city is the sixth poorest city in America. Forbes has listed Baltimore as the seventh most dangerous city in the nation.

Local businesses in Baltimore that currently exist must improve their communication system as soon as possible. If they do not do this, the economy can become even worse than it already is. Businesses that will be formed in the future, must have a communication process that will be able to fit society’s needs. Currently the Chinese population represents 0.37%. Even though their current population is low in the city, it has been growing some. It is expected that the Maryland state will continue to have a Chinese population increase. The reason is because the Maryland governor has been pushing for a stronger relationship with China. Last year in June, Governor Larry Hogan signed an investment and education deals in China. The deals will allow the state and China to partner up more. Not only will it allow them to partner up more, but it will lead into Chinese investors and businesses having more opportunities in Maryland. This can be a huge benefit for the city of Baltimore. The deal can lead to more businesses being developed in the city. Both Chinese businesses and local American businesses will need to us in order to have a good communication system. More businesses being developed will be a major help for its economy. Since Maryland and China will be partnering up even more, this means there will be more Chinese workers being sent from China to work in Baltimore. Some of those workers will bring their families with them. This is important to note.

Schools are going to need us because there will be an increase of Chinese students. It would not be a fair for a Chinese student to not be able to receive the education they need just because he or she does not speak English. We can also be used to help teachers teach the Chinese language at different schools, since many high schools do want to students to take a foreign language class for one year.

Finance businesses will definitely need us in order to be able to communicate well with Chinese speakers. Especially since there will be more Chinese investors in the state of Maryland. Investors and other finance managers will need to have contracts and websites be able to be read in both Chinese and English. It is important that finance managers in Baltimore are able to communicate with ones who speak Chinese and vice versa. This would be a big benefit for the investors in China and for the ones in Baltimore. It would help them out tremendously. Their economy is in need of as much as they can get. The only way for this to work well is to make sure the communication is done right.

As a translation service, we understand how important it is for businesses to be able to have a communication process that fits the needs for society. Currently there is an increasing demand to make sure the increasing Chinese population is able to receive the communication that is needed for them. This struggling economy needs as many successful businesses as possible. We want to partake in helping to boost their economy back up. This can be done by closing the barriers between English and Chinese speakers. Just using us when needed to can make the city of Baltimore go forward and be able to heal from its current economic crisis.

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