Five Popular Restaurants in Banqiao Worth Visiting

Banqiao in New Taipei has become the must compete places for many restaurant chains. There are many breakfast and street foods there, providing different styled cuisine with cheap price. Even the people from other cities come to Banqiao just for “eating”. “ETNEWS” has put together five popular restaurants in Banqiao, covering breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and midnight snack, making you satisfied from morning to midnight!

Eating breakfast in the market – Wan Dao, breakfast

You can only experience the authentic Taiwan way of eating breakfast in the market! The restaurant in Wenchang Street, Banqiao has classic British Brunch, the various hamburgers and sandwiches made from local ingredients are the feature of the restaurant. Three cup chicken hamburger, organic rose cherry duck breast hamburgers are full of Taiwan flavor. There is also the French taste and made in Taiwan coffee that loved by girls.

No. 22 Wenchang Street, Banqiao District


Getting full in the noon – Courage Cafeteria

The Courage Cafeteria is located in the alley next to the Xinpu Subway Station. The interior design is simple and fresh. The featured dishes “Fried chicken love kimchi rice” – big bowl of rice covered with golden and crispy fried chicken. And the large amount of chicken can form a chicken mountain, making you saliva dribbling. The deliciousness is hard to describe with language.

Building 1, No. 6 Alley 270, Wenhua Raod, Banqiao District, New Taiepi



Sweet afternoon tea – Bon Blaze

Banqiao has become the battlefield for foods recently, many famous restaurants have expanded their territories and entered Banqiao. There is even “four kings of the sweets” emerged. The Bon Blaze launched by the famous breakfast store “Hao Chu” is a hit for its green tea cheese cake and Lemon Cake. Besides different flavors of cake, there are many beverages, and cookies.

No. 2, Alley 45, Guangzheng Street, Banqiao District, New Taipei


A luxurious dinner – Mengga Seafood Barbeque

The Mengga Seasfood BBQ located in Banqiao, New Taipei is opened by celebrity – Lin Daoyuan. The store uses the freshly delivered seafood each day, has been famous since the opening. There is crazy arm-long shrimp, Boston crawfish, big oysters and others. Each dish is freshly seafood on that day, cooked with most single way. So, you can enjoy the most fresh and original seafood.

Big bite of the midnight snack – Lao Chen’s Cold Noodle

Lao Chen’s Old Noodle just opened in June, is the newly emerged popular location for mid-night snack. It only opens from 9 pm to 1 am next day. But, there is always a huge waiting line. There is only one dish sold here – which is the signature dish – “Lao Chen’s Cold Noodle”. It is made from special noodle and mixed with frying sauce and sesame paste. The price is 50 yuan, which is really cheap.

New address: No. 1 East Guanqian Road,

0978 555 795

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