Taipei Summer Bear Festival Underway at Expo Park

The Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government announced on 29th, the Farmer’s Market at the Expo Park will host “Summer Beer Festival” during July 2nd to July 3rd. There will be fresh Malasang Beer and Alechemist Beer you can try at the scene. The dragon fruit from Taidong and Shijia Popsicle can also find at the scene.

With the coming of the hot summer, the Department of Economic Development announced this week the Farmer’s Market will work with Xinyi Township Farmers’ Association and Alechemist and host the activity of “Summer Beer Festival”.

The Xinyi Township association says the Malsang beer is fresh beer, not the draft beer. It is because the production process has no filtering, no sterilization. Therefore, the beer contains natural yeast, must be transported at low temperatures. This week’s farmer’s market will provide 50 cups free trial every day.

The “Alechemist” that has worked with Farmer’s market for the first time is the first one, who uses the indigenous varieties of wheat to make the craft beer.

Chen Xiangquan, who is in charge of the Alechemist, says currently they have produced 3 types of beers, most of which are made from the crops produced in Taiwan. For example, the “White corn” beer used the Taiwan wheat and white corn from Tainan, the after flavor has unique corn aroma, which is suitable when you eat barbeque or similar food. The bitter taste beer “1976” and sweet beer “Moonlight” will provide around 200 cups of free trials at the Expo Park every day.

Additionally, the The Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government announced there will be pure natural dragon fruit from Taidong and Shijia popsicle provided at the scene. They are made only from fruit meat, sugar and water. In additional, the hibiscus tea from Hualian, handmade soap from Ali mountain and other high quality agricultural products are also available at the festival.

The opening time of the Farmer’s Market at the Expo Park is from 10 o’clock in the morning to 6 o’clock in the evening on every Saturday. For more detailed information about the activity you can go the official webside of the Farmer’s Market ( or search on the Facebook “Taipei Expo Park Farmer’s Market” fans’ page.

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