Bed and Breakfast Hotels in Taipei – Review

There is certainly no denying that Taipei is a vibrant city which has steadily been developing into the modern age successfully. The capital has been built up of both modern and cultural aspects and highlights Japanese, Chinese, and even Western influences in its architecture, art, culture, and food, which is certainly been one of the main reasons as to why that Taipei attracts so many visitors from around the world each year. With so many visitors making their way to the vibrant capital it has caused a sudden boom in hotels, especially bed and breakfast hotels. In this article, we will be taking a look at just a handful of affordable, comfortable and convenient bed and breakfast hotels situated in Taipei.

Ximen Hankou Taipei

Ximending has without a doubt always been one of the most popular locations in Taipei, where the wonderful world of eateries, entertainment and fashion are rife. The Ximen Hankou Taipei bed and breakfast hotel is brilliantly situated in the very heart of Ximending which provides visitors with the perfect location is to enjoy everything you would expect on a trip to Taipei. The exceptionally stylish Ximen Hankou Taipei provides guests with air-conditioned rooms which include free WiFi and also traditional hot drink making facilities. The property itself is non-smoking and provides guests with a 24-hour front desk and even useful luggage storage services. The interior is both modern and bright and all rooms feature a modern flat screen television. The private bathrooms also feature a generously sized bathtub and shower.

Taipei Morning Hotel

Located in the Zhongshan district the Taipei Morning Hotel serves up bed and breakfast facilities and services for all its guests and offers tastefully furnished rooms. The venue is peaceful with an exceptionally relaxing atmosphere, where guest can enjoy free WiFi services and all of the hotel amenities that you would expect.

Bachelor Apartment

The Bachelor’s apartment offers high-quality accommodation with all of the bed and breakfast services you would expect at an affordable price. This property is ideal for travelers who are planning on a short or long stay, equally. Each room of the Bachelor Apartment has been beautifully designed and features free WiFi services. The property also provided guests with a shared bathroom space along with television and cable channels.

Muzik Xining

3F, No.30, Xining South Road, Wanhua District

Muzik Xining is situated perfectly within the Wanhua district in Ximending which has always been an exceptionally popular tourist spot within the capital. Enjoy countless restaurants, street food, entertainment and fashion right outside the doorstep of this hotel.

East Inn

East Inn is located in the Da’an District which is exceptionally well-positioned in the hustle and bustle of central Taipei. East Inn is a perfect bed and breakfast accommodation for travellers, especially with being a short walk from the Exit 4 of Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT Station, which means it provides all of it guests easy access to all of the must-see sites of Taipei.

Stur House Shilin

Stur House Shilin can be discovered in the heart of Shilin Night Market, which makes it exceptionally nearby to the Jiantan Station and also the MRT stations, thus allowing guests easy access to many of the sites and attractions found in and around Taipei.

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