Beijing Airport Hotels – Accommodation Near PEK International

Irresistible charm of The Langham Place Beijing Capital Airport

Adjacent to the terminal 3 of Beijing Capital Airport, the Langham Place Beijing Capital Airport is no doubt the first choices for passengers who is taking the early flight in the morning or whose flight is delayed. Besides convenience, this is first fashionable living airport hotels in the world that offers endless fun experience to attract your footsteps.

  1. Art lovers indulge space

Langham Place Beijing Capital Airport has displayed the top modern art works in Beijing from a close look. Over 400 pieces of art works are distributed in the public areas in the hotel, making this hotel fully deserved to be the “Art Gallery Hotel”. Local artists’ newest works will be displayed seasonally in the 24-hour gallery. If you want to have further communication with the artists, gallery owner and collectors, you can participate in the “Art Corner” hold every month, chatting and drinking with them in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. From December, art lovers can select the “Art Lovers’ Check-in Package” to enjoy an artistic weekend time, visit highly-praised art works in the hotel and then go visit the famous 798 Art Zone in Beijing.

  1. Space to release youth and energy

Langham Place has integrated the stylish and fashionable scientific element and fun entertainment element to create a completely new hotel atmosphere. The live performance of the DJ in the lobby, guests can interact with the DJ. You can also rest at the Portal – Work & Play Business Center or the Internet Bar to enjoy comfortable service of “working relaxed, living fun”. You can also use the huge iMac to experience the fast speed internet surfing, WiFi, and high-resolution LCD TV. So you keep up with anyone around the world at any time. 360 video games are free at your disposal, from the classic “Guitar Hero”, “Donkey Kong” to the newest “NBA 2K10” and “Street Fighter 4”, giving you an entertainment space that beyond your imagination.

  1. Services activate your sense – attentive greeting from the pink angels

Pink angel is the essential characteristic of the Langham Hotel Group. Their enthusiastic and personized service welcome every guests. If you have any problems about your trip, you can ask them for help. They are indeed “living map”, who can tell you the most convenient and fast way to go to your destination, and the best place to go in Beijing. In order to help the guests enjoy the shining star level services, the Langham Place Beijing Capital Airport constantly creates a sense of freshness and thrilling from hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste. Every season, hotel will change aromatherapy, music in the guest room, art works, cuisine on the menu, bathrobes and bed linens to match the culture and the community in the surrounding area.

  1. Convenient and mobility conference space

Adjacent to the termination 3 of the Beijing Capital Airport, it is only 10 minutes from the China International Exhibition Center (New). The Langham Place Beijing Capital Airport is the perfect choice for corporate conferences and international reward activities. The convenient and mobility of the banquet have ended all the worries of the event planners, making a corporate event full of personality. Over 2,700 square meters’ space includes the most advanced technological element. The creative event planning team will help you achieve the perfect performance of the corporate event.

  1. New cuisine trendy in the Capital City

The Langham Place Beijing Capital City have four featured restaurants and bars. It is the best places for the guests to relax and eat. Guests, who live in the hotel, and local diners normally go to the Ming Court Chinese Restaurant to taste the authentic Cantonese dessert. If you want to experience the global cuisine, you cannot miss the Place International Restaurant. You can also walk into the joy of the family by entering Fuel. What’s more, you can also enjoy a happy time with friends by having a friendship competition of billiards, or watching a super sports competition and crying for the tea you support together.

  1. Hilton Beijing Capital Airport

For people who is in the air all time or taking business trip all the time, it is common to stay the night or transfer flight at the airport. So, it is especially important to choose the comfortable place to stay. From personal experience, the Hilton Beijing Capital Airport is worth recommendation. No matter which time zone you come from, or which early flight you are going to take, you can take the 24-hr free shuttle bus anytime from hotel to the Terminal 3 in 1 minute. It is super convenient.

It is simple and elegant, showing an extraordinary quality in a low profile.

As the one of the hotels that is the closest to the terminal 3 of the Beijing Capital Airport, one of the biggest feature is that you can see the airport taking off clearly. It is said that many photographers come here to stay for the view.

The hotel uses a lot of the elements from Tang and Song Dynasty, living inside the hotel will make you feel like back to the Tang Dynasty.

Wooden window frames, cooper armor, and stone statues make you feel like traveling through time, back to the distant past.

While you enjoy food and drinks, you can enjoy the collection of the cultural relics for free. It is wonderful combination.

I always feel the look of the desserts is more attractive to me than the taste of it. I have missed the delicious dessert many time by focusing on taking photos of them.

The chef is definitely the both artist and sculptor of the food industry. A variety of ingredients shine and glow in their hands.

For the tiring traveler, the most comfortable to recover from a pressure releasing SPA. Hilton Beijing Capital Airport is the only five-star hotel near the Beijing Capital Airport that provides SPA service – iSPA, which is the authentic Thailand SPA.

Even though the hotel is close to the airport, the soundproof is very good. You can see the airplanes landing and taking off, but you won’t hear any noise. You can sleep till the sun rise.

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