Beijing Mandarin School – Hotels Nearby in 2016 – Review

  1. Beijing Mandarin School (E-Tower School, Chaoyang)
    1. Household Service Apartment 家喻户晓酒店式公寓

Address: Dongheng Times Phase 1, 20 meters from Sihui Metro Station (Line 1), Chaoyang, Beijing, China

Household Service Apartment is located near the Sihui Metro Station of Line 1. It takes 16 minutes to drive to Beijing Mandarin School, or 19 minutes by metro. There is 24-hr security, access card is required for entering and exiting the apartment. The floor heating is provided. There are different types of apartments. However, most of the apartments have shared bathroom. There are three-bedroom family guest rooms with independent bathroom.

  1. Best Western OL Stadium Hotel Beijing 北京亚奥国际酒店

Address: No. 1 Datun Road Beishatan, Chaoyang, Beijing, China

Best Western OL Stadium Hotel Beijing is owned by Best Western Group. It is an economic brand. The hotel has positioned itself a level higher than the economic hotel. The location of the hotel is not too far away or too close to city center. The hotel building was used to be called “Labor Building”. If you forget the street name of the hotel, you can tell the taxi driver “Labor Building”. Most of the taxi drivers would know. If you take metro, you would have to walk a long distance, which is not recommended. The design of the lobby is not very outstanding. However, it has a lot of functions, including food, drinks, copy and printing, and tourism information.

  1. Beijing Mandarin School (Guangming Hotel School)
    1. Metropark Lido Hotel北京丽都维景酒店

Address: No. 6 Jiangtai Road, Chaoyang, Beijing, China

Beijing Metropark Lido Hotel is located in the core area of the Lido business center. It is an integrated place for both business and accommodation. The hotel is close to the express road to airport and China National Exhibition Center. The hotel has different types of luxurious rooms and suites with high-speed internet, TV, telephone and other equipment. The various dining options for guests, including Chinese, western and Japanese cuisines. The fitness center, swimming pool, bowling and other entertainment facilities are provided in the hotel.

  1. Hotel Jen Upper East Beijing by Shangri-La 北京上东今旅酒店(香格里拉管理集团)

Address: 2 Dongsihuan Beilu (NE 4th Ring Road), Chaoyang, Beijing, China

In order to welcome the new generation of business and leisure travelers with independent ideas, Hotel Jan Brand has opened its hotel in Beijing. The Hotel Jen is located in the Upper East Park of Beijing’s Central Business District, which is near the NE 4th ring road. On the 26th floor of the hotel’s VIP lounge, you can view all the famous attractions, including Olympic featured sports arenas, Bird’s Nest, Beijing National Aquatics Center and others.

The staffs at the hotel will offer unique recommendations to guests from the cultural attractions, featured local cuisines and new places. You can definitely call the Hotel Jen’s team the local guide. The vendor machine at the hotel will provide drinks and snacks at the cheaper price than the convenient store.
For young travelers, you can find free wireless internet everywhere, chargers for electronic devices. Press Reader is free for guest to use to access 2,500 newspapers and magazines online.

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