Beijing University Hotels – Accommodation Near Peiking University

  1. FX Hotel ZhongGuanCun (0.4 miles from Peking University) 北京富驿时尚酒店

Address: No. 68 North 4th Ring West Road, Hai Dian, Beijing, China

The hotel is located in Zhongguancun and close to Peking University. The elevator need card to access, which is relatively safe. The WiFi signal is not good. However, after making complaint to the front desk, the router was added to the room. The facilities at the hotel is relatively old. The transportation and living around the hotel is quite convenient. You can take bus to the Summer Palace directly outside the hotel. There are restaurants, convenient stores and pharmacy next to the hotel.

  1. Beijing Post Hotel (0.5 miles from Peking University) 北京邮电会议中心

Address: No. 5 Guajia Tuen, Summer Palace Road, Hai Dian, Beijing, China

The Beijing Post Hotel is located in the city center. There is bus take you to the metro station directly outside the hotel. The shopping street is not far from the hotel. Peking University and Qinghua University are both very close to the hotel. The hotel has a big parking lots, however, it’s not free.

The hotel’s environment is very good and quiet, which makes it perfect place for family trip. Nearby, there is Quanjude (Chinese restaurant for Peking Roast Duck) and Qingfeng Dumpling House. After eating, you can also walk inside the campus nearby. However, it is a little bit far away to go to Tiananmen and the Forbidden City.

  1. Zhongguan Xinyuan Global Village (0.6 miles from Peking University) 北京大学中关新园

Address: No. 126 Zhongguancun Road, Hai Dian, Beijing, China

Zhongguan Xinyuan Global Village is located in the north Zhongguancun Road. It is close to East Gate of Peking University Station, exit C of Metro Line 4. The hotel is close to Peking University, Qinghua University, the Summer Palace, and Zhongguancun Business District. The hotel is an essential part of Peking University’s plan in building the world-class university. The Zhongguan Xinyuan Global Village is an integrated community that combines accommodation, restaurant, meeting, education, and entertainment. Here, there are experts’ apartment, exchange students’ apartment, PhD’s apartment, and a four-star hotel. The whole community utilizes all the possible element in design, creating a vibrant and rich classical community with the spirit of Peking University.

  1. Beijing Xihua Hotel (0.1 miles from Peking Unversity) 北京锡华商务酒店

Address: 12 Yiheyuan Road, Hai Dian, Beijing, China

The Beijing Xihua Hotel is located in the Haidian, where many universities are gathered here. Peking University is just across the road. The hotel is not far from the Summer Palace, Old Summer Palace and other royal garden. Beijing Xihua Hotel offers accommodation, meeting, restaurants, entertainment, and fitness center. The restaurant at the hotel can hold 300 people at the same time. The large, medium, and small sized conference rooms are perfect place for high-end social activities and business meetings. Also, the hotel provides internet, fax, copy, international IP phones, DHL and other services.

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