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In the Twin Cities area of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota, Chinese Connects stands out as one of the best and competitive translation service companies due to its diverse expertise and knowledge in the fields of technology, law, finance and business.

Demand for Chinese translation, composition and transcript services is strong in the Twin Cities due to the amount of Fortune 500 companies located in the area, including United Health Group, Best Buy, Target, 3M, Meditronic, General Mills and CHS. Chinese Connects works with such major companies to fulfill their translation demands, ranging from product information, user manuals, business documents, emails and much more, as they expand and extend services and products into the Greater China area. Corporations know the basics for their survival are clear communication, particularly when it comes to doing business in China, and Minnesota companies have taken advantage of establishing these premises by working with Chinese Connects to formulate clear and concise information for reaching new clients.

There is also strong Chinese translation demand from law firms and consulting firms in the state as the number of Chinese coming to Minnesota to conduct business and invest is increasing. According to various media reports, there is potential of the Chinese investing nearly $50 million dollars in infrastructure and business opportunities over the next decade as a part of the Minnesota-China Partnership that has been set up by the state of Minnesota. The Minnesota government has been very pro-active in setting up relationships with China and is expected to continue opening up investment opportunities heavily throughout 2020 as Minnesota looks to diversify its economic, trade, and investment opportunities in the state. Working with Chinese companies and partaking in such investments means increased business opportunities for many local firms, which will need Chinese translation and composition talent to help them succeed in making use of such opportunities.

China is becoming one of the most affluent nations in the world, making it imperative for companies and states to open their doors for cooperation with the nation. The Minnesota Trade Office (MTO) also sees this trend crucial as part of the state of Minnesota’s economic development, and has opened various trade assistance services to help cater to investment from both Minnesota and Chinese companies, including agent and distributor partner searches, business matchmaking and trade show services. The government in Minnesota has high hopes and prospects for developing with China and it is no surprise that local companies are following in its footsteps.

But the need for Chinese translation doesn’t stop there. As Chinese further partake in the economic development of Minnesota, demand for housing, transportation, legal and educational services will be on the rise as families from China settle in Minnesota to further develop their career prospects. This means local companies in Minnesota will have the opportunity to work with such clients if the proper communication is provided and services in Chinese are provided online clearly. If not done, the Chinese tend to overlook local companies due to language barriers.

Stockbrokers and other financial managers will definitely want to make their websites and services into Chinese to take advantage of opportunities from Chinese investors, as will law firms. Contracts and services will need to be provided bilingually in Chinese and English as a basis for dealing with clients from China, as this not only establishes basic communication and understanding, but more so trust and security. The same goes for shop owners, small businesses ranging from construction, architectural firms and so forth as Chinese will need such services.

In fact, local firms in Minnesota selling products can benefit immensely from having their websites translated into Chinese. This is because of the high import taxes gathered by the Chinese government, which range from 70-100% of the price imported. This means that on average, a simple pair of jeans or shirts costs at least twice as much as they do in the US, making the opportunity for online shopping from Chinese customers increasingly larger, as is shown in reports from the country’s media, stating that online shopping, including in markets abroad, is increasing roughly 30% a year. Online businesses therefore have huge market potential in China.

All of these trade, service and cultural opportunities that exist for individuals and businesses in Minnesota also continue to strengthen through the educational developments the state of Minnesota is making with Chinese. The University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management statistically has the largest amount of Chinese nationals studying there than any other school in North America. Those are huge statistics considering the potential all of these students have in promoting Minnesota brands and services to the Chinese community. This is also in addition to the multiple Chinese Mandarin immersion schools popping up all over the Twin Cities such as the Yinghua Academy as a means to learn the language effectively and use it for expanding services and talents into China. Educationally, Chinese people will continue to come to Minnesota and Minnesotans will continue to learn Chinese, making it one of the most prepared and high potential places for benefiting from service and cultural agreement with China.

Local companies and even big corporations need to think bigger in today’s world. As China is set to be the world’s biggest economy, it is also set to bring some of the highest demand for goods. Companies can even consider exporting foods such as water, as the amount of water reserves in China are depleting and access to clean water is increasingly scarce. Organic foods such as milk powder or dietary supplements are but some of the other high potential markets for companies to engage in China’s market given the right preparation. The sky is the limit when it comes to such business opportunities in China and it is up to companies such as Chinese Connects to make sure you are prepared in making the first step through clear and accurate services that have already benefited many local companies.

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