Best Restaurants in Guangzhou for Local Foods

Today is the tourist’s article. Because I rarely to the old city, the articles rarely talk about the traditional food in Guangzhou. But don’t assume I don’t know any good food in the old city – Liwan. The recent month, I have tried them all. So, I wrote this article.

If you only have one stomach, then come to Liwan. After eating these, you won’t waste your time in Guangzhou.

The stores mentioned in the article are arranged by location.

It is suggested to follow me.

  1. Li Zhi Wan

The first stop is Li Zhi Wan, which can be called one of the doors of Li Zhi Wan Park. It is busy in the morning. The not so long bridge for walking sells a lot of authentic snacks.

The Changshou Station of the subway is only about 650 meters away to Li Zhi Wan. Both exit A and B works.

The mostly sold food in Li Zhi Wan is water chestnut related food, among which the water chestnut drink is cheap and tastes good. The beef related food is not recommended to eat here at Li Zhi Wan.

Vegan toasted duck is actually thousand layers of tofu skin. Personally speaking, I think it is just okay. You don’t have to eat it.

The pudding cake, which is 5 yuan for four, you can definitely try.

For the best water chestnut drink, you have to go to Liu Pu Ji. I prefer the frozen one than the hot one. The 3 yuan a cup is super cheap! There is also osmanthus flavored water chestnut drink, which is 5 yuan per cup. But I prefer original flavor so much better.

There are actually a lot of special products sold here. I recommend the fish skin, which is crispy like potato chips. You can eat it immediately. But if you dip it inside the Chaoshan Beef-ball Soup is super great.

  1. Traditional Jook-sing noodles

After walked around Li Zhi Wan, you will see this traditional Jook-sing noodles store on the West Long Jin Road. The business is really good.

The price on the menu is reasonable. You can try the beef Jook-sing noodles (the small size is good, save your stomach for later).

The price for small is only 10 yuan, the beef is in big chunk. The soup is very sweet. The Jook-sing noodles is a rare type of Cantonese noodle. Personally, I love it. The taste at this store is pretty good.

  1. Yuan Ji Rice Noodle Roll

This restaurant is great, which is the best rice noodle roll I had in Guangzhou. It is a small rice noodle roll restaurant hidden under the tree.

From Li Zhi Wan to the Rongji Rice Noodle Roll is not far away, which is about 15 minutes’ walk.

On the way, you will pass Wu Zhan Ji (This is not recommendation). Because this one is really famous, I also went there and tried. But I think it is just ok, no need to try. The fresh beef soup is not as good as the other store.

After Wu Zhan JI, you turn right into Huagui Road. It’s about 150 meters you will see this Yuan Ji Rice Noodle Roll. The menu doesn’t have rich content, which are mainly porridge and rice noodle roll. These two will be enough to fulfill the stomach.

The chef at the Yuan Ji Rice Noodle Roll is really good, only takes him 5 seconds to make one. Even though the sound is really loud (feels like the rice noodle rolls are fighting with each other), it is really delicious.

I ordered fired rice noodle roll and the beef rice noodle mixed with shrimp. The fried rice noodle roll is actually the Chinese doughnut wrapped inside the rice noodle roll, which is very common in traditional snacks stores. I have to say that Yuan Ji is really good in making so. The Chinese doughnut is super good, tastes like the one made by the older nanny in the alley.

The rice noodle roll from Yuan Ji has been appeared in many of my friends’ moments, which are rated as the best rice noodle roll in Guangzhou by many of my friends, me included. The roll is thin and crispy, which is different than other rice noodle roll restaurants. The roll skin alone has been ahead of other places a lot.

Beef has been marinated in advance, which is soft and chewy. The shrimp is fresh and sweet. When you eat with the roll, it is super delicious. (For real, if you come to Guangzhou, eat the rice noodle roll at this place!)

Besides rice noodle roll, the porridge is quite good. I ordered the boat porridge. The fish inside is really smooth and doesn’t have any fishy taste. Recommended to order the Chinese doughnut with it.

  1. Chen Tian Ji

The last stop is Chen Tian Ji, which is already very famous. But I think the fish skin is enough. The porridge and rice noodle roll fill your stomach too fast and they are not very good.

From Yuan Ji Rice Noodle to Chen Tian Ji, you will pass the Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street. This street is not very good, most stuff sold here are not very authentic. The Sun Ji Ice Room and Baohua Noodle have a lot of people. Other restaurants are not recommended.

The authentic Chen Tian Ji is the second restaurant in the alley. It is recommended to follow the map, which is easy to locate. Even though there are many fake ones, but once you get to the alley, just focus on the Shun De Chen Tian Ji, and there are a lot of people in the line. Then, you are probably right.

Because there are too many people in the store, sometimes it is better to take it out. The two sauce bags that are given to you, you have to use them all. Once is the sesame oil, the other is the special made sauce. The fish skin is not fishy at all. And they are crispy. One order is 22 yuan, recommended is one order per each person.

If you only have one day in Guangzhou, then come to Li Zhi Wan. Less than a hundred yuan, you can have all the food mentioned above. And each one is the authentic traditional restaurant.

If you have time, you can walk around the Beijing Road, the sugar water and beef are the must eat. (The rose sweets on Wenming Road, and the beef restaurant on Beijing Road) are strongly recommended.

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