Top 10 Places in Taiwan with Free and Beautiful Views

Hualien Chihsingtan Beach: best time to visit – all year round

The Chihsingtan Scenic Area offers extensive scenery overlooking the blue-green Pacific Ocean. The long, wide beach is full of pebbles and rocks. Due to the lack of buildings and residents nearby, the light pollution is relatively low. Therefore, it has become the best place to observe stars in the suburban of Hualien. This place is also the famous star observing point, the must go place for tourists from the mainland China.

Penghu: best time to visit – early autumn

Pescadores Island is located among the West of Taiwan Island, which has been developed the earliest. The 64 islands in the southeast of Taiwan are called Mudou Islands, among which the far south ones are called 7 beauty islands, the far west ones are called flower island. There is stoned bridge connecting Penghu and Baisha Island, when the tide is low, you can get across by walking

Northeast coast: best time to visit – all year round

The Northeast Coast National Scenic Area is located in the northeast side of Taiwan, covering Nanyali in Ruifang from the north to the North Harbor of Toucheng, Yilan in South. The coastline is about 66 km long. The view is magnificent, it has been recommended as one of the top 10 tourist attractions by Taiwan authorities.

Taiji Canyon: best time to visit – all year round

Taiji Canyon is located in the Da-an, Zhushan town in Tantou, which is divided into upper-, middle- and lower- stream. It was called Shihang Canyon, known as the Taroko in West.

Chiaming Lake: best time to visit – all year around

Chiaming lake is located along the Southern Cross-Island Highway, at an elevation of 3,310 meters. It is surrounded by emerald green forest plantation and wildlife. It is traditionally refereed as “Angel’s teardrop”.

Tianliao Moon World Landscape Park: best time to visit – all year around

Tianliao Moon World is a tract of barren land between Chongde Village and Cutin Village of Tianliao District. It has a dreary and desolated beauty of desert and is famous for its similarity to the landscape of the Moon surface. Nowadays, the pond that is known as Moon World has already been filled with sand. Beside this, the vast land is still mud area. It is quite unique in Taiwan scenic area.

Chiufen old street: best time to visit – all year round

The houses in Chiufen are in line with the trend of mountains. The narrow streets and steep stone steps, high and low, and winding is the most unique character of the view in Chiufeng. When you walk, it feels like walking on the rooftop.

Hsia Liouciou Island: best time to visit – all year round

The Hsia Liouciou Island is the only coral island among the 14 islands that belong to Taiwan. It is located in Pingtung County. The residents in the island relies on fishing. The island has rich resources in fishes. Coming to this place, you can experience the life of fishing village, such as drying up fish net, bamboo rafts. The locals even made use of the shells and made them into varied pretty decorations.

Dali Canyon: best time to visit – all year around

Dali Canyon is located in the east side of Taiwan, which is the one of the ten most beautiful canyons in China. The Taroko National Park is also famous for it. With an elevation of 3,7242 meters, Mount Nanhu is the fifth tallest peak in Taiwan and is blanketed by rolling fields of dwarf bamboo.

Kinmen: best time to visit September to November

Kinmen, use to called Wuzhou or Xianzhou, is known as the “Fairyland” in the sea. Now, Kinmen has taken off its armor in the ancient war time and become the tourist place. It is also the location where the Taiwan’s first humanities and campaign commemorative park.

Go have a look, you might find some suprise!

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