Recommended Bicycle trips in and around Taipei

Recently, cycling has become a popular leisure activity in Taiwan. Every weekend and holidays, you can find people riding bicycles by the riverside with families. Because the lack of the bike lanes in downtown area, it poses dangerous to riders when they enter downtown while they try to compete the lanes with cars. In order to provide safer cycling environment, Government of Taipei City has built “three vertical and three horizontal” road network. Thus, cyclists can not only enjoy the sunlight by the riverside but also riding cross the downtown, enjoy the time in the old city.

Want to travel through time in the old Taipei City, you might want to start from the Huashan Creative Park, passing the Japanese styled dormitories, riding towards the east. You can visit the Taipei Hotel on the Ketaglan Boulevard, starting to visit the only four remaining city gate of the Walls of Taipe from the East Gate (Jingfu Gate), then visit the Taipei Futai Street Mansion with over hundred years of history, passing the bookstore street on South Chongqing road, you will finish your trip at the 228 Peace Memorial Park.

Huanshan 1914 Creative Park

It was originally Japanese Wine Clubs. Later, it becomes Taipei Winery for the Tobacco and Wine bureau. In 2005, the winery was put into use again and transformed into cultural and creative park. Inside the park, the combination of old building and modern installation art have given the park a sense of retro and creativity.

Taipei Guest House

Under the Japanese ruling, the Taipei Guest House is the Governor’s Mansion. After war, it was renamed to Taipei Guest House, used to state dinner and treat foreign guests. The building is majestic and refined, equipped with the Japanese-style garden, the Baroque fountain and geometric shaped flower nursery.

Taipei City Walls

The Taipei City Walls are the latest built in Taiwan with only 1.4 square kilometers in size. Under the time of Japanese colonization, the Taipei City wall and East Gate were torn down. The East Gate Monument has set commemorate stone. North Gate is now the only remaining Taiwanese-style fortress gates.

Taipei Futai Street Mansion

The first floor is the arcade-style arcade build from stone. The ceiling of arcade has the pattern formed by wooden material. The second floor and the roof trusses is made of wood. The features of the appearance are the façade has a step roofs, tiger dormer and the stone arcades, which is the imitation of Renaissance building style.

National Taiwan Museum

Founded in 1908, it is the oldest museum in Taiwan. It has a display area for Taiwan aborigines and Taiwan Biological exhibition. So visitors can experience the culture of Taiwan aborigines and understand the unique creatures in Taiwan.

Time Traveling in the old time of the city – bicycle tour route

“About 8.93 km, with a total drop of 6 meters, suitable for parents with kids”

Taiwan winery culture park (Huashan 1914 creative park) à East Qi Street à No. 33 Alley of East Qi Street à Taiepie Qin Hallà Sec. 1 South Jinshan Roadà Taian Streetà Kwoh-ting Li’s Residenceà No.6 Alley Taian Streetà No. 33 Alley Tonshan Streetà No. 6 Alley Tongshan Streetà Sec. 1 South Hangzhou Roadà Xuzhou RoadàSouth Linsen RoadàEast Beiping RoadàTaipei International Art VillageàNorth Zhongshan RoadàSouth Zhongshan RoadàTaipei Guest HouseàEast Gate (Fujin Gate) àSouth Zhongshan RoadàWest Aiguo RoadàSouth Gate (Lizheng Gate) àWest Aiguo RoadàLittle South Gate (Chongxi Gate) àZhonghua RoadàWest Gate site (Baocheng Gate)à Sec. 1 Zhonghua RoadàZhongshan HallàSec. 1 Zhonghua Roadà North Gate (Chengen Gate) à South Yanping RoadàFutai Street Mansionà South Yanping Roadà Sec.1 Hankou Streetà Taiwan Commercial Press (Bookstore street)à Sec. 1 South Chongqing Roadà intersection of Chongqing Road and Hengyang Roadà Hengyang Roadà Ju Yuanà Taoyuan Streetà Baoqing Roadà 228 Peace Memorial Park (end)

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